Kanye West Prepping ‘Black Skinhead’ as First ‘Yeezus’ Single

Prepping for that ‘bear hug letter’

our editor recommends Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ Leaks as Rapper Gives ‘No F—s at All’ After a fiercely guarded release with no singles or videos, West’s latest album will service an official radio single: “Black Skinhead,” a clean version of which is being released to DJs. A video for the track is also in the works, Def Jam confirmed to Billboard . The video release and the track’s radio impact date will coincide, likely in time for the 4th of July holiday. STORY:Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’: What the Critics Are Saying Previously, West purposefully avoided a full-court press for the album roll-out. “I have this new strategy, it’s called no strategy,” he said at a New York listening session. Instead, he performed on Saturday Night Live, tracks from the album were played with video projections around the world and he conducted several advance interviews, including a sit-down with the New York Times. Despite its relatively lower profile, the album bowed at No. 1 on this week’s Billboard 200 , selling 327,000 copies.
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Kanye West - P - 2012

So here we go with “The Jungle Book,” as THR reports Disney has hired Justin Marks, who penned an early draft of the studio’s “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” reboot, to write the script. Hooray! Listen, it’s just the bare, franchise necessities which is why this is happening, though since Rudyard Kipling’s stories are in the public domain it means they have competition from Warner Bros. who have their own Mowgli feature brewing, penned by “Harry Potter” dude Steve Kloves.
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Prepping For ‘Doomsday’ Becomes Big Business

Sales teams often consider how to win over new potential clients with an appeal to value in an age where many industries have become more competitive and reliant on quick facts. New media like the Internet also makes a difference. As the business world moves toward an always-connected, data-centric, and digital model, sales teams also need to evolve and change with the times. One of the ways that sales professionals are adapting and getting a competitive edge is by taking advantage of existing marketing content generated in-house and maintained online or in print materials. In sophisticated marketing campaigns, marketing content sometimes takes a variety of forms: some will be explicitly sales-oriented, while other items, like white papers and other technical writing, may be more informative. Some of these materials wont address customers directly, but they can still be useful in a sales context. Strategies for Content Prepping The idea of content prepping is essentially that sales professionals can use existing content in numerous ways. One example is a case where a potential client may have already read an interesting article on the Internet, where a sales professional can follow up by explaining something in greater detail. Another common strategy is in some ways the reverse, where salespeople will send potential clients internal content, or links to this content, in order to get them interested.
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Sales Prepping Through Content

His basement, which he calls The Bunker, is filled with first-aid supplies, hidden food supplies and weapons. Weve got shotguns, ammunition here. We would either decide, Were going to fight it out or were just going to let it go, Jobe said. Jobe told CBS4 he carries a 72-hour bag with him when he goes outside. In it are a blanket, matches, gloves, fire starter, knife, poncho, duct tape, slingshot, ear plugs and much more. At a recent Denver Doomsday Expo entrepreneurs were seeking an expanded market by using the selling line The End of Your World. At the expo there was a product called Fire Break, which is a gel designed to save homes during wildfires.
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It’s Just The Franchise Necessities: Disney Prepping Live Action Reboot Of ‘The Jungle Book’

The investment in time you will make in creating the room will pay significant dividends and place the legal department well ahead of the curve. Be aware the process of obtaining a list of your current security holders (which you will need to deliver your management proxy to the security holders and submit to the bidder so it can deliver its bid circular to the holders) is aggravatingly slow, and the information you obtain will be nebulous at best since shares are often held through various intermediaries. In terms of preparation, in advance of a bid, have a proxy solicitation firm walk you through the process and understand the limitations and timelines. In truth, once the strategic review process is underway the most current snapshot of your security holders will come from your chief financial officer and investor relations department, which will be in daily contact with your new security holders (likely to comprise hedge funds and private equity investors) once the bid is announced. Playbook If appropriate during quiet times prepare a takeover defence playbook with your advisers, including a list of potential buyers, a draft confidentiality agreement containing a standstill and other precedent disclosure documents, and very importantly a timeline with correlated action items.
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