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37 Awesome Survival/Prepping Hacks (any moment a disaster will hit cleveland etc.- also read the comments for more tips) | REALNEO for all

So there are no direct lessons that can be learned from our past history, even for those people who do take lessons from history to heart. There have been some small-scale grid failures, which of course were remedied only because there were nearby areas that were unaffected, from where repairs were initiated. The combination of our current high population density with a catastrophic failure of any critical supply-chain would lead to social unrest and competitive violence at unprecedented scales. And if such an event affected the continent, who will be coming to the rescue of the United States? Well, looking back in history, it seems that for the most part, the U.S. has been there for many other countries during times of disasters, as most other countries sat on the sidelines and watched. I think it may be reasonable to posit that we could expect the same in the future. In fact, the enemies of America would want to see any such disaster continue to the point where America is reduced to nothing more than another decimated third-world country. Even in the best of times, we have witnessed (on YouTube) well-fed people trampling over and injuring each other in order to be first to get a pair of shoes or a game on sale at Wal-Mart!
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DISASTER PREPAREDNESS FOR THE REST OF US: Timely disaster prep tips 2 – Coos Bay World

You can ensure an even greater shelf-life by adding an oxygen absorber to each bottle. You can use AAA batteries in place of AA batteries by simply balling up some aluminum foil to fill the gap in the battery compartment. Both types of batteries output 1.5 volts and differ only in amperage (AA batteries produce a little more than twice the amps than AAA batteries do) but in a device like a weather radio or flashlight, this isnt something to worry about. I think we can all find an empty beer (or soda) can lying around, and when combined with a candle, we have a handy improvised lantern that produces a fair amount of light. Darren Hall posted this genius improvised bow made from a bike wheel and parts you can find in any hardware store, and shares his step-by-step instructions on . Need to cross a river or lake without being devoured by alligators, frozen to death, or drowned by your gear? Simply lay out a tarp and pile small lightweight branches (the idea is to fill it with buoyant materials that will also create plenty of air pockets) in the center, then wrap the ends up and bind the entire raft with paracord or string. Be sure to test your raft thoroughly in shallow water to ensure it will carry your weight and not fall apart before venturing into deeper water. If you have kids, you likely have far more crayons lying around the house and in the couch cushions than will ever be neededthese make great emergency candles.
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BACKWOODS SURVIVAL BLOG: Guest Post: Surviving a Potential Solar Flare EMP

Water supplies will quickly turn nasty when the pumps operating them and purifying them are knocked offline. Consider finding places where a fresh water supply would be present via a mechanical pump or simply a non-stagnant pool of water. 3. Cooking without electricity will be possible for a while by still utilizing the many fuels available in civilized regions, however they will be the target for looting everywhere. Make sure you find a region where a source of fuel will be easily obtainable, both for cooking and heating during the winter seasons. 4. Food storage will quickly become a serious problem so make sure you have a decent supply of salted or dried meat as this will last for a long time. Fruits and vegetables can be canned, dried or stored for later. If you are lucky enough to live on a farm then you’ll be much better off than anyone in the cities.
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If you happen to get lost, marking your path along the way (on trees and/or rocks) are useful both to ensure you dont wander in circles and to help search and rescue crews track you down. The chalk is environmentally friendly and will eventually wash away. Hopefully, after youve found your way home or been rescued. You can make a super simple, super effective improvised arrow or spear head from an old circuit board. Enough said. Simply plug a wick into a can of Crisco to create a makeshift candle. This is about the same brightness as a typical candle, but it lasts much longer. Im told it will burn continuously for 30 days, but Im not sitting around long enough to verify that.
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37 Awesome Survival/Prepping Hacks

21: Download free prepping, survival and homesteading e-books from Amazon as they become available. Check the Backdoor Survival Facebook page for almost daily announcements of books that are currently available often for just a day or two. Tip No. 22: Call 800-480-2520 or email FEMA ( to order a free copy of their excellent book Are You Ready Guide to Preparedness. Tip No. 23: Practice starting a fire using dryer lint or a cotton ball tinged with petroleum jelly using a flint and steel. Tip No. 24: Sow some seeds, fruits and veggies, that is. There you go.
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