Local Agencies Prepping For Potential Violence After Zimmerman Trial

Tis The Season

The concept, sources say, would be to build a franchise similar to what Saturday Night Live has become for the network, helping to propel its cast to star in new programming for the network. The Lorne Michaels-produced late-night sketch series has been a fertile ground for developing stars for NBC, including Jimmy Fallon (Late Night), Tina Fey (30 Rock), Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation), Maya Rudolph (Up All Night) and Seth Meyers (who will replace Fallon at Late Night), among others. Wallach will oversee the project under his recently inked overall deal with Universal Television’s Alternative Studio. The untitled effort comes as NBC is looking to experiment with alternative forms of comedy outside of the sitcom. The network in recent years has struggled with scripted comedy, most recently failing to return a freshman half-hour series for a second year. For its part, NBC is only bringing back two comedies — Poehler’s Parks and Recreation and Community, which earned an eleventh-hour fifth season pickup and won’t likely premiere until midseason. PHOTOS: NBC’s 2013-14 Season: ‘About a Boy,’ ‘Ironside,’ ‘Believe,’ ‘Crisis’ NBC has not yet settled on a premise for the series, instead opting to search for writers/performers/comedians to build the show around. However, a number of format ideas have been floated early under Wallach’s oversight.
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This is just purely coincidence and it is mandatory training we have to do every year. Cruz reassured. Miamis police union believes almost too coincidental. Its very coincidental that its falling at this time. Javier Ortiz with the Fraternal Order of Police said. The union president said he hadnt heard about the training until a few weeks ago. We havent had the training since 2011 so I dont know if it really considered routine. The training, happening for weeks, will wrap up this week. There has been some talk among the officers that we believe that this training has to do with the fact that there might be some type of civil unrest, but we are hoping that that doesnt happen, Ortiz said In Broward County the sheriffs has released a series of public service announcements to preempt any possible violence. In one video a group of teens are lined up in front of the camera. Two teenagers shout out lines such Raise your voice! And not your hands. We need to stand together as one, no cuss, no guns. Lets give violence a rest because we can easily end up arrested. Sheriff Scott Israel then comes in behind the teenagers and wraps up the video with the line, Im Sheriff Scott Israel and law enforcement does have your back. The spots feature various teenagers and Miami Heat player James Jones asking the community to use their voice, not their hands.
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Guilt Complex? Hollywood Prepping More Anti-Rich Movies

I mean besides the cost, which is a clear advantage – why would I want a mini? Cheers It’s more portable. I’d rather carry the mini along everywhere as opposed to the ipad. Rating: 5 Positives Arran 2 days ago at 07:25 am Yeah, the retina mini has to come well after the ipad 5 to avoid cannibalization. I’d say 90 days at a minimum. Otherwise the ipad 5 early adopters will just return them for a mini. Rating: 5 Positives 2 days ago at 07:28 am 128GB for a decent price, would be nice!
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Apple Reportedly Prepping for September Launch of New iPad, but iPad Mini Still in Flux


The movie is set in a future where the well-to-do live in a posh portion of a train circling our doomed planet while the poor are left to a bleak compartment. Evans isn’t alone in picking projects that trash people with bank accounts just like theirs. Plenty of uber-rich stars are eager to do just the same. Consider In Time, the 2011 sci-fi film featuring Justin Timberlake where the affluent live indefinitely by paying for minutes of life, while the poor never get a chance to climb the social ladder. Next month, Matt Damon (who recently put his Miami home up for sale for $20 million ) and Jodie Foster (selling her longtime home for more than $6 million ) bring wealth bashing to potentially new highs with Elysium, the latest “socially conscious” project from director Neill Blomkamp of District 9 fame. It’s plot essentially mirrors that of Snowpiercer, with a 99 percent type (Damon) trying to break into the world of the oppressive rich and famous (epitomized by Foster’s character). The irony, of course, is that these actors all live in a country where social mobility attracts immigrants the world over, and the ability to rise up the social ladder remains a key part of the American dream.
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