Preppers’ cell phones are powerful tools

How can preppers save money to get through hard times?

It also is possible that, during a disaster, directory assistance operators might be overwhelmed with phone calls. Gas leaks, for example, might occur in preppers houses. Those affected preppers and their families need to evacuate their houses and call the emergency number of their gas companies. If they have programmed into their cell phones the appropriate phone numbers to call, they can quickly contact the representatives of their gas companies. Then, these well trained representatives can quickly make emergency service calls and safely deal with the gas leaks.
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‘Doomsday Preppers’: Man Lives Completely Off The Grid Already (VIDEO)

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‘Preppers’ pack up for next disaster

PREV of NEXT A preppers bugout bag may include a water-purification device, steel-toed boots, a gas mask and, bottom far right, personal items. Related Hide / Show comments In this day an age when the basics of life come so easily one can become complacent. … (January 27, 2013, by citizen60) MORE When I was a Boy Scout, a long time ago, Be Prepared was considered their main motto. … (January 27, 2013, by Saranth) MORE Lose Electrical power for 24 hours and see what happens.
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The urge to keep up with the Joneses is a powerful one. One area where preppers should not economize, however, is with the quality of their food . Wholesome food is more expensive than junk food. Nevertheless, preppers will pay the grocer, or pay the doctor . Now that gambling casinos have come to Baltimore , it is more easy for Baltimore area preppers to develop gambling addictions . Preppers should be protective of themselves and their families, and should stay away from gambling casinos. Most employers today no longer offer defined pension plans.
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