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Its small, and weighs practically nothing. Stocking Up On Your Favorites You can also choose to stock up on your favorite supplies. Often you can score tampons and pads for free or very little money paring coupons with weekly sales. If disposables are more up your alley, make sure to store these items in a plastic bucket or container to protect them from any water damage or rodents seeking a comfy bed. Remember that sanitary pads can also double as bandages (or firestarters!) in an emergency situation, so they are definitely a good thing to have on hand. The down side to stocking up on disposables is the valuable space it takes to store them. I do keep a stash of pads that I get for nothing with coupons, but Im not building a stockpile of them as my primary source of feminine hygiene, in which case I would need a lot of them. Of course, you can always decide that youll just take it as it comes, and not have a back-up plan for a time when you might not be able to get your hands on the feminine products that youll be so desperate for when caught unprepared.
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