37 Awesome Survival/Prepping Hacks

A mousetrap and a cyalume glow stick is a simple, cheap way to set up a perimeter alarm system. This wont make much noise so it requires someone constantly watching for a glowing light to appear. Ideally, keep your tripwires short and use more alarms so that you can more precisely identify the location of intruders. A gorge hook is one of the simplest fishing tools known to man, and has been used since the beginning of recorded history. Simply whittle a short piece of wood to a point of each end and a groove in the center. Then tie string or fishing line tightly around the groove and embed the hook into your bait. When a fish swallows it and tension is applied, the hook will turn sideways, lodging in its gut, making it easy to pull your next meal in. Most people dont have an air compressor in their vehicle so how can they repair a flat tire? A short-term solution is to cut small holes into the sidewall and fill it with grass until the tire is relatively firm.
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BACKWOODS SURVIVAL BLOG: Guest Post: Surviving a Potential Solar Flare EMP

These skills will be a lot more valuable to anyone out there, making you an asset to any group of people and this will give you leverage and something to trade with if things get ugly. If a solar flare of the feared magnitude occurs you should look for shelter as quickly as possible. There will most likely not be any visual recognition apart from auroras in the sky as what happened in Texas in 1989 on a much smaller scale, so keep your eyes open for other signs. Biological effects of EM radiation may include drowsiness, physical pain such as headaches, nausea, vertigo and difficulty breathing. It is doubtful a solar storm would be that powerful, however knowing and identifying the effects of a powerful electromagnetic pulse is a good way to know what to expect if it happens. Whatever the case if something does occur in this situation or any disaster known to man do your best to keep a cool head by thinking about the situation logically in a problem-solving fashion. Consider this if something like this does happen it will be a new beginning for humanity and it will nearly wipe the slate clean, making new developments possible. A whole new world will be born from such a disaster that will be absolutely different from what we live in today.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.backwoodssurvivalblog.com/2012/12/guest-post-surviving-potential-solar.html

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