Preppers? L.A. Tells Residents to Prep for ‘Two Weeks on Your Own’ Just 1 Day Before Quake Hits

Emergency Responders in California Tell Residents to Prepare for Two Weeks in Case of Disaster

In a situation where normal American life cant continue, figure out your mostessentialhuman needs and gather those items (or learn how to safely obtain them if you cant gather them per se): Oxygen Water and water test kits Shelter Food The message given to California residents might have hit home Monday morning when at 9:55 a.m. (PST) a 4.7 magnitude earthquake occurred in Southern California. The Richter scale goes from a level of less than two up to more than 10. To put the magnitude of this earthquake into perspective, the one that caused the tsunami that killed thousands in Japan was 9.0 magnitude.
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How can preppers save money to get through hard times?

Preppers in the Baltimore area might have the option of joining a carpool or of using the MTA mass transit. These options would eliminate the considerable expenses of automobiles. Since Baltimore has so many attractions for vacationers, Baltimore area preppers can save money by taking their vacations locally. Doing this also will keep their vacation money in Baltimore, where it will benefit them and others who live in the Baltimore area. As preppers major appliances wear out, preppers should consider the option of not replacing them. For example, it is possible to wash clothing by hand and to hang clothing on clotheslines to dry. This was what everyone did before there were modern conveniences such as electricity. This article has discussed only a few of the many different ways there are to get out of debt and to save money.
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Practical Preppers LLC Talks ‘Doomsday Preppers’ Scoring Changes [Interview]

scott hunt practical preppers LLC

We understand that for OPSEC reasons, but it made for inaccurate assessments. This season I am interacting with the preppers, asking questions that a film crew wouldnt think to ask and I am greatly enjoying that. The assessment this season will be accurate! Now if they are still unhappy oh well! Our goal is not to make people unhappy but to motivate them to prepare!
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Preppers’ cell phones are powerful tools

If cell phones fail during a disaster , preppers will need to use other forms of emergency communication. Until that failure occurs, however, cell phones will be potent tools, if preppers use them effectively. The term emergency will refer to a situation affecting one prepper family. Disaster will refer to a situation that affects a whole geographical region. Before emergencies or disasters occur, preppers need to have important phone numbers programmed into their cell phones and into the cell phones of their family members.
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