BACKWOODS SURVIVAL BLOG: A Primer on General Basic Emergency Preparedness: Water Safety and Storage

Camp Wander: Emergency Preparation EOs + Application Chart

A cheaper option for a filter would be to purchase one or more of the filters that are made for backpacking/hiking. Katadyn makes good models. Still more affordable is a model made by Coghlan (and it’s extra filter replacements ). Be advised, however, that the Coghlan rig is only good for 400 quarts i.e. 100 gallons before the filter needs replaced, whereas the ceramic filters in the Katadyn’s are good for thousands of gallons if you keep them clean. In addition, Katadyn is trusted by millions worldwide: they are used extensively by the U.S. military (their hand-held desalinators are standard equipment in Navy life-rafts and fighter aircraft ejection seats have Katadyn units included in their attached survival gear). Likewise, they are utilized by the militaries of Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Canada, and Switzerland; the Red Cross and many other relief agencies use Katadyn products in challenging conditions, including tsunami relief efforts; and, hikers, campers, and backpackers around the globe rely on Katadyn to provide safe drinking water. Still other filtering options include individual straw-type filters, such as the LifeStraw , Frontier , and Survival Straw brands. 2.) Treating. Questionable water can be made safe to drink via treating with special chemical solutions, such as Purification Tabs / Tablets / Pills or through the use of a product like the PurifiCup . 3.) Ultraviolet purification. Ultraviolet light destroys harmful bacteria . Products that are available for this process are marketed under the SteriPen brand. 4.) Disinfecting. A tried-and-true method of disinfecting scummy water is achieved simply by bringing it to a good, rolling boil for about 10 minutes. By and large, this will kill *MOST* of the bad stuff, but has the disadvantage of requiring you to use fuel that you have set aside for cooking. A better option is to disinfect any water that comes from a source that hasn’t already been treated with a tiny bit of bleach, as this is the same method used by municipal utilities. Simply use eight (8) drops of *UNSCENTED* liquid household chlorine bleach per 1 gallon of water, and allow 30 minutes or so for the chlorine taste/smell to subside. Many folks say 2-3 drops is enough, but the Clorox company, themselves advise 8 drops per gallon of clear water and 16 drops per gallon of cloudy or suspect water.
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DIY Digestive Blend: oil blend that relieves digestive discomforts such as food poisoning, acid reflux, nausea, constipation, or diarrhea, helps support digestive function. {CLICK HERE} for this Make it Yourself EO Remedy and more! Jeddy’s Blend : In stressful times, especially in an emergency…I would want this naturally calming blend for the whole family. Jeddy’s Blend helps with focus, while balancing emotions. Now that you have “The List”, here’s how to use the essential oils that you’ve stocked in your emergency preparedness provisions: It’s important to note here that most EOs will outlive you and I. There is no shelf life for pure plant essence with the exception of citrus EOs which should be replaced annually. A wonderful tidbit about EOs is that they don’t contain any fatty acids that can turn rancid or mold AND the environment of a pure EO is too tough for bacteria to grow in. This is a very special benefit and, an economical one!
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Next multiple that number by the number of people in your household, this will give you an approximation of how many tablets you need to have on hand for a year. In this case, it is best to adhere to the expiration date on the vitamins. Usually when storing things for emergency preparedness many expiration dates can be ignored as they only mean that themanufacturewill notguaranteethe quality beyond that date. For vitamins (especiallyhigh quality ones), if the quality drops this means the vitamins are degrading which defeats the purpose of taking them. Vitamins are best purchased and used before theirexpirationdates. Make sure your vitamins are stored sealed in a dark brownpreferablyglass bottle (like the bottle that these Megafood vitamins come in) in a cool dark place. The bottle the vitamins come in, is usually your best bet for storage you will gain nothing by opening the bottle andvacuumpacking them.
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