“Doomsday Preppers”: Living like you’re gonna die tomorrow

‘Doomsday Preppers’ Casting Call At Doomsday Expo In Denver [Interview]

doomsday expo

The second season of DoomsdayPreppers, which premiered a week after President Obamas reelection, may lend extra urgency to those with an inordinate fear of the seated government, who have already been unnecessarily stocking their gun racks for fear the Second Amendment would be dissolved, signing petitions to secede, or looking to make good on those promises to leave the country in case of reelection.In presenting the show, the National Geographic channel likes to straddle a line such that like-minded paranoids can pick up tips for their own canned-food hoarding, while at the same time playing up the jokes that have targeted the show on everything from The Colbert Report to Mad magazine. DoomsdayPreppers steers away from the most extreme fringes, whose preparations and militia building may be tied to right-wing causes, racist groups or a biblical end of days.Indeed, the religious associations of a Prepper featured on the first season of the show, Scott Hunt, were left on the cutting room floor, he said. In some sort of consolation, his company, Practical Preppers LLC, has been retained for Season 2 to assess each Preppers planning (scoreboards are big in male-targeted reality shows). Hunt and his business partner Dave Kobler also made one of the coolest presentations of the weekend, demonstrating such MacGyver-quality practical knowledge as starting fires (instantly!) by touching a 9-volt battery to steel wool (why hasnt anyone tried that on Survivor?).Other information, such as how to snare squirrels for meals, was more difficult to imagine as being necessary. More compelling were the inexpensive devices that would purify puddles of water for drinking and especially the converter that turned the energy of a small fire into get this charging a cellphone. The most skeptical journalists stepped closer, asked Hunt to repeat the product name (BioLite) and watched him do that one again. Preppers are used to being laughed at; indeed, they each imagine theyll have the last laugh deep inside their individual bunkers as the world crumbles around them. But the advance of superstorm Sandy across the East Coast the weekend before had suddenly made these survival hints very relevant.
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Hopeful ‘Doomsday Preppers’ get their close-up in Blaine

There is just one question. If they are that far off the grid, would they even know if the end of the world happened? See more “Doomsday Preppers” every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on National Geographic. TV Replay scours the vast television landscape to find the most interesting, amusing, and, on a good day, amazing moments, and delivers them right to your browser. Related on HuffPost: Loading Slideshow “666 Park Avenue” “666 Park Ave.,” ABC Status: Canceled Why: ABC pulled the plug on this supernatural drama earlier in the season.
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‘Doomsday Preppers’: Man Lives Completely Off The Grid Already (VIDEO)

Doomsday Preppers will be looking for talent at the Survival Preppers Expo Saturday. Photo: National Geographic Channels , + add a comment add a comment Its one thing to prepare to survive an asteroid. It may be another to survive a casting call for Doomsday Preppers. Producers of the show on the National Geographic Channel will be in Blaine on Saturday for the Survival Preppers Expo at the National Sports Center. Times are 0900 – 1800 hrs, which, in non-survival-speak, is 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Doomsday Preppers turns the cameras on Americans who are, in its words, preparing for the end of the world as we know it. Many local preppers are a little less apocalyptic in describing why they do what they do. Basically, they just want to be prepared for whatever life tosses their way, be it a solar flare that disrupts the power grid or a blizzard that tests their supply of ramen. In other words, preppers who aspire to TV stardom might consider setting themselves apart, such as past stars like Kellene, the foodie who doesnt plan to give up her chocolate lava cake or four-cheese Italian risotto when the end comes, or Dave, who can actually send radio signals off of the moon and hear them back on his HAM radio a few minutes later. For more information on the expo and the exhibitors, visit http://www.survivalpreppersexpo.com .
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The important thing is to be prepared for short term and long term situations and have a plan in place. There really is no way to dispel the stereotypes. I can say the people that think anyone that is prepping and preparing is overreacting or being too cautious, is going to be the one that will be in trouble should something happen or will be looking to these same people they are judging for assistance to protect and care for their families. We definitely are not discriminating against anyone or their beliefs in whey they are preparing and what for. Like I said, the main goal is just to be prepared for yourself and your family for any situation. Our goal is to make this the most informative and educational event for preppers so everyone can get the basics and advanced information no matter what stage of prepping they are in. Doomsday Expo Presenters: Scott Hunt: Scott is the owner and manager of Practical Preppers LLC and a consultant for Doomsday Preppers. Hunt helped develop the How Prepped Are You Test used on the National Geographic series.
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