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Click to see the best bug out bags we know of. Hoofing It To Safety Your legs are the most reliable form of transportation you have… Keep reading Bug Out Bag List: Why You Need One and why were giving ours away Why are we writing a bug out bag guide or what all needs to be included on your bug out bag list?Well, if youre like us, it doesnt take long to feel anxious or uneasy about where the world is headed when glancing at todays headlines. Seemingly, not a day goes by that news doesnt flash across our televisions or computer screens reporting of the latest catastrophic natural disaster, terrorist attack or threat, or even the imminent collapse of some major geopolitical or economic system. Sounds all too familiar doesnt it Its because of these increasingly unpredictable, or black swan events that theres a growing movement amongst individuals like you to be sufficiently prepared, come what may. This is why we are giving away our bug out bag list to you. For free. A bug out bag list helps… Keep reading Best Bug Out Bag Comparison The first and most important item in every Bug Out Bag List is most likely the bag itself.
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Whether against live bullets or pellets, molle gear is mandatory for these people. Some people purchase these vests just for kicks and accessorize them to the hilt with pouches and other similarly-themed attachments. For work or play, condor molle vests are good-looking vests in the realm of vest protection. With adjustable shoulder and side straps, front closures of zipper and buckle, entire body Molle weaving, Velcro designed panel front and rear and belt keepers, these molle vests can be worn by even the wimpiest-looking dudes and look like Colin Farrell in SWAT or Bradley Cooper in The A-Team. Even Games Need High Performance Vests Engaging in airsoft games requires the proper gear for your protection and safety. Remember that the kind of airsoft game you play determines which of the several airsoft molle vests available you should buy: rifleman, which uses multiple magazines; support gunner, which has a rifle with large drum or box magazines; and sniper, which uses a pistol sidearm with a few magazines. Even these molle vests have different styles: molle plate carrier vests can carry a lot of gear but they are priced expensively, but if money is no object, get one for its strong Molle webbing material and its accommodation of several pouches which you can put anywhere; tactical vests have zippers in their middle areas for easy removal, are mostly used by airsoft gamers, have pouches sewn onto them and are cheaper than molle plate carrier types; and harness and battle belt vests with belts that attach around the waist, are lightweight, with suspender straps to distribute the carried weight evenly to the shoulders and have Molle pouch attachments. Criteria for Top Grade Vests Military, law enforcement, security and hunting professional arsenals should have tactical vests in their inventories. The ideal tactical vest has sufficient pockets, sleeves and Molle straps binoculars, night vision and GPS devices and rangefinders frequently used by these groups.
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In the Web sites of Science Channel and Discovery Channel Les Strouds survival tips are available to be watched, as episodes were aired internationally in these channels. Knives for Survivors Aside from the Les Stroud survival kit featured in Survivorman, he also uses or endorses a specific kind of knife known as the Les Stroud survival knife. These series of knives have specialized features for survival such as having an integrated LED flashlight and whistle, a fire starter, an SOS signal mirror, a trail map mesh pocket, a storage compartment, and an integrated ceramic sharpener. With a specialized knife like this and a Les Stroud survival kit, chances of survival in the wilderness would greatly increase. Other Survival Kits The Les Stroud survival kit, especially the Les Stroud knife, is usually compared with other survival products such as the Bear Grylls survival kit, which is also a kit designed to help one survive the wild, endorsed by Man Vs Wild host Bear Grylls. This kit also includes tools such as needle nose pliers, wire cutters, fine edge knife, small flat drivers, lanyard ring, bottle opener, miniature light, signaling mirror, and others. Les Stroud has proven himself a Survivorman numerous times through his survival in many of his adventures in the wild. In fact, his wife had joined him in his adventures in the wild. For example, they spent one year in the Canadian wilderness in 1994.
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Those who get their gear from a molle backpacks shop use it to contain a first aid kit, insect repellent, bottled water, tow rope, leatherman tools, flints, head lamps, zip ties, sunblock, digital camera, lip balm, change of clothes, ready-to-eat food, wallet, cell phone and even a small trade paperback or two. But Especially for Fathers A lot of stores during Fathers Day offered molle backpacks for sale especially for first-time daddies or those who still have infants and toddlers. Fathers who bought molle backpacks find them suitable for contingencies such as extra clothing, food, baby bottles, a few toys, diapers, blankets and other items for a day out with their babies and small children. Molle backpacks apparently give these fathers the freedom to chase after their children and maneuver easily through tight spaces. While diaper bags are convenient for fathers who have infants for the storage options, they need a different kind of bag for their children who are 2, 3 or 4 years of age. Fathers with babies and toddlers go to a molle backpacks store to get this gear also because of the gender neutrality these backpacks offer by way of their design. Not for Tourists Only Tourists prefer the smaller maxpedition variant of the molle backpacks because it doesnt scream camera bag when they use it. They can modularize their gear because of the webbing straps that accommodate tie-tac strips to easily fit small-, medium- and large-sized items according to their needs.
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