Preppers: Ready for disaster

Preppers’ cell phones are powerful tools

The urban prepper: Multiple uses for fishing line

Few could have predicted the devastation from these deadly disaster. “Since the year 2000, more than a million people have died in catastrophic events,” said Jay Blevins, an ex-law enforcement officer and self-identified prepper. These catastrophic threats have led to an explosion of people like him who are preparing for the unthinkable. He and his family have created a self-sustaining fortress in their Virginia neighborhood.
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Czech ‘preppers’ gear up for doomsday

During emergencies and disasters is not a good time for emotional preppers to be using directory assistance to find emergency phone numbers. It also is possible that, during a disaster, directory assistance operators might be overwhelmed with phone calls. Gas leaks, for example, might occur in preppers houses. Those affected preppers and their families need to evacuate their houses and call the emergency number of their gas companies. If they have programmed into their cell phones the appropriate phone numbers to call, they can quickly contact the representatives of their gas companies. Then, these well trained representatives can quickly make emergency service calls and safely deal with the gas leaks.
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“I’m not one of these people who build bunkers, but I will certainly modify my basement in some ways to know that I am ready for anything. Of course, the end of the world does not have to be the end of the world, if people are ready. It is good that more people are becoming preppers. In the future, I would like to get married and have children; I hope I can pass on my knowledge and skills, but in a fun way, like taking them camping and teaching basic skills.” Czech preppers climbed onto the bandwagon a bit late in the game. But in the past few years, this predominantly American trend has spread across the Atlantic and into Europe, resulting in the surfacing of numerous Czech survival websites and forums.
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