Prepping – Water Filtration for Your Disaster Preparedness

Onedefinition in part reads: civil protection an effort to protect citizens (generally non-combatants) fromattack. Hmmm, I see. The authorexplains that a prepared family in a prepared community has a much greater chance of survival. This is the concept he is referring to as a “civil defense’ community (my “ah-hah” moment.) Think for a moment of the logistics of trying to protect yourself and family from all the desperate unprepared refugees in your town or city after a catastrophic event. Now imagine if these refugees were actually preparedness-mined towns people (but then they wouldnt be called refugees just sayin.) By having as many ailigned people as possible in a town, there would be no need for people to have individual protection measures set in place inside the community and instead all could focus on protecting the community as a whole from outside forces. The author uses his personal disaster experiences and his life skills as an EMT, paramedic, LEO (law enforcement officer) and veteran to personalize the book when discussing such topics as, the importance of creating a prepared community; drafting a civil defense/community survival plan; and, how to build a strong security force to name a few. He also addresses groups you would find within a civil defense community; such asmedical, food, water, security, communications, sanitation and yes even law and order, and finance. I found myself chortling at times humor is a greatway tohelp peopleremember things andthe author subtly used his sense of humor to drive home a points. But, he also has those gulp moments such as when he poses the question, What could possibly be worse than a nuclear war where we all die instantly? Answer: One where we dont. See what I mean? Gulp! I have always lived by the motto Plan your Work and Work your Plan. This is exactly what this book is about – making a ‘civil defense’ group plan within your community. Just think.
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We went to the Swiss-made Katadyn. Katadyn is known for its high-quality water filtration systems, albeit for the smaller, portable types. Amazon offers two models of larger basecamp water filters from Katadyn: the Ceradyn and the Gravidyn. Very confusing naming, so heres the main difference: the Ceradyn only has a ceramic filter, while the Gravidyn has a ceramic + charcoal filter. The charcoal filter in the Gravidyn makes the water taste better (thats whats in your Britta or other inexpensive filter). BUT, the charcoal filter needs to be changed every 6 months or you could build up some nastiness. The ceramic-only filter in the Ceradyn lasts for years.
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Songs of the Earth

Richard Alley (who is NOT Johnny Cash, but is the Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences at the Pennsylvania State University (PSU)), as he takes a musical look at why seismologists are important in our world. This parody is part of The Geology of the National Parks class, now available free online as part of PSU’s Dutton E-education Institute’s open courseware initiative. The entire course may be viewed at curated content from YouTube By Bill Nye the Science Guy Other Songs More songs generally related to geology or other earth sciences. Not enough of them for their own sections, I will add their own categories if I find more on each subject. Peaceful Easy Obduction You’ve got a heart of stone As hard to crack and fragile like an ancient bone Your granite smile tries to hide the faults of your rocky facade crumbling inside I can’t chisel through the layers deposited by you To protect the delicate impression of the feelings you’ve fossilized I didn’t expect that my degree in paleontology would come in so handily I like your Geology I would like to graph the equation that would map the curve of your spine Your hips, your lips, your fingertips trace a perfect ellipse Which contradicts the tangents in my mind. You know my angle, I’m deriving your cosign, and my solution is your change over time. I like your Geometry, I like your Geometry, Pythagoras, he would agree You spin the world, not gravity And then it happened, I won, and she was mine, and that special place in my mind that she occupied really did change over time, so that she was no longer who I loved, but what I defined. I don’t need you to analyze, or synthesize, or criticize, the thousands of ways the things I say or think or feel is wrong. My house of cards rests precariously upon the shards Of the glass one that I built and shattered, and scattered through the pieces of my life, To the winds of the world, which have battered them, for so very long.
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