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Now you might be thinking: why go with SOC bags when you can go with the tactical gear and expedition bags from other brands like Maxpedition? Many claim that SOC has the better product but it is hard to just rely on hear-say and advertisements. Thus you will want to look into the in-depth reasons why SOC gear is the better choice. Consider those reasons below: Better Customer Reviews If you were to do a search for any SOC Gear Bugout bag review right now youd be surprised at how well customers have received these products. Most reviews on the official wesite, on forums, and even on have garnered the SOC Gear Bugout bag a four out of five stars average. Thats a pretty high standard to uphold when you come to think about it. However, you dont just want to rely on reviews you want to know what kind of products you are getting and here is a look at some of the top ranking SOC bags available. Better Products You can consider the basic SOC Gear Bugout Bag to be much like any other travel bag but this has concealable straps that you can use to turn it into a backpack. It is hydration compatible, uses an internal frame to boost load stability, it has an expandable main compartment, pads on the waist and shoulder straps, and it has a clam-shell compartment to make packing and reaching convenient and quick. The SOC Gear Three Day Pass This is a bag that functions exactly as the name it bears implies.
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Ask the Experts The growing needs when using protective vests have given way to their customizations. You can still purchase ready made ones but others prefer to get a molle vest builder to meet their specifications. This kind allows the user to add, adjust, take out and make over certain parts or areas of the molle vests. Its like a Do-It-Yourself project with the basics already there. The pros include improving the existing features and doing away with those you think are unnecessary. The cons mean spending more than what you originally paid for and, if not guided by an expert, you can make the mistake of taking out something which was actually essential for a better performance. There are so many molle vests for sale these days that you sometimes get confused with what you want and what you need.
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In the Web sites of Science Channel and Discovery Channel Les Strouds survival tips are available to be watched, as episodes were aired internationally in these channels. Knives for Survivors Aside from the Les Stroud survival kit featured in Survivorman, he also uses or endorses a specific kind of knife known as the Les Stroud survival knife. These series of knives have specialized features for survival such as having an integrated LED flashlight and whistle, a fire starter, an SOS signal mirror, a trail map mesh pocket, a storage compartment, and an integrated ceramic sharpener. With a specialized knife like this and a Les Stroud survival kit, chances of survival in the wilderness would greatly increase. Other Survival Kits The Les Stroud survival kit, especially the Les Stroud knife, is usually compared with other survival products such as the Bear Grylls survival kit, which is also a kit designed to help one survive the wild, endorsed by Man Vs Wild host Bear Grylls. This kit also includes tools such as needle nose pliers, wire cutters, fine edge knife, small flat drivers, lanyard ring, bottle opener, miniature light, signaling mirror, and others. Les Stroud has proven himself a Survivorman numerous times through his survival in many of his adventures in the wild. In fact, his wife had joined him in his adventures in the wild. For example, they spent one year in the Canadian wilderness in 1994.
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In fact, we believe it should be a fun and enjoyable experience. After all, having a solid bug out plan, and knowing that youre planning well in advance should help put your mind at ease about SHTF scenarios. So whether youre new to the idea of bugging out, or youve been in our neck of the woods for a while now, theres most likely something you can take away from the following. Choosing a Bug Out Bag The first item on your bug out bag list is the bag itself. There are several schools of thought on this topic, of which the two main ones are: 1) You should choose the best bag for you 2) You should only choose the bag after you have the items Weve written a post detailing our thoughts and what the best bug out bags are in our opinion ones weve tried and tested and all that good stuff. We wont go into that here, but if interested here it is: How to Choose the Best Bug Out Bag for You. Just so you know, well be doing in-depth reviews of all these items in the near-future, so be sure to subscribe if you want to know when we post new content. And as a Thank You, youll also receive the Free Bug Out Bag Checklist PDF we outline below to help you build your own bug out bag! As weve stated in previous posts, building your bug out bag doesnt have to be difficult.
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MOLLE backpacks are very popular with young European students who go on trek tours with only these backpacks as traveling gear. Backpacking has extended beyond the use of ordinary backpacks and has made MOLLE backpacking gear almost de rigueur. First Civilian Users Jokingly referred to by military personnel as a warriors handbag, molle backpacks have become a travelers handy alternative to luggage which often need to be checked in, get lost, manhandled or turn out to be inconvenient. Hikers, mountaineers and rock climbers were the first civilians who used molle backpacks. Those who get their gear from a molle backpacks shop use it to contain a first aid kit, insect repellent, bottled water, tow rope, leatherman tools, flints, head lamps, zip ties, sunblock, digital camera, lip balm, change of clothes, ready-to-eat food, wallet, cell phone and even a small trade paperback or two. But Especially for Fathers A lot of stores during Fathers Day offered molle backpacks for sale especially for first-time daddies or those who still have infants and toddlers. Fathers who bought molle backpacks find them suitable for contingencies such as extra clothing, food, baby bottles, a few toys, diapers, blankets and other items for a day out with their babies and small children. Molle backpacks apparently give these fathers the freedom to chase after their children and maneuver easily through tight spaces. While diaper bags are convenient for fathers who have infants for the storage options, they need a different kind of bag for their children who are 2, 3 or 4 years of age.
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A Bug Out Bag List is Not One Size Fits All Quite simply, we at Bug Out Bag Academy believe an excellent bug out bag starts with a great bug out bag list. It doesnt necessarily mean everything you put on the list will end up going into your bag, but at least youve got a pretty good idea of where to start. The… Keep reading Bug Out Bag List: Why You Need One and Why Were Giving Ours Away Why are we writing a bug out bag guide or what all needs to be included on your bug out bag list?Well, if youre like us, it doesnt take long to feel anxious or uneasy about where the world is headed when glancing at todays headlines. Seemingly, not a day goes by that news doesnt flash across our televisions or computer screens reporting of the latest catastrophic natural disaster, terrorist attack or threat, or even the imminent collapse of some major geopolitical or economic system. Sounds all too familiar doesnt it Its because of these increasingly unpredictable, or black swan events that theres a growing movement amongst individuals like you to be sufficiently prepared, come what may. This is why we are giving away our bug out bag list to you. For free.
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