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In a short time, we can get you and your family ready to hunker down no matter what disaster or catastrophe happens. Product Details Offers Similar Products 0 user reviews Books Hunkering Down: Prepping to Survive in Your Home During a Natural Disaster (The NEW Survival Prepper Guides) No one knows WHAT it will be. It could be a natural disaster or a medical pandemic. Financial system collapse or bioterrorism. Governmental shutdowns or societal breakdowns. The media is full of possible threats, and they seem to be coming at us from all sides these days. No one knows WHEN it will be.
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The fallout shelters of the 50s are making a comeback as shelters for those known in the 21st century preppers. Jack Jobe of aurora is known as survivor jack. Everywhere he goes he takes his “72 hour” bag with him. In it is a blanket, matches, gloves, fire starter, knife, poncho, duct tape, slingshot, ear plugs and much more. He’s especially prepared in his home. It’s filled with first aid supplies, hidden food supplies, and weapons. At a recent Denver doomsday expo, entrepreneurs are seeking an expanded market by calling it “the end of your world.” For hundreds of families in black forest, their world has gone up in flames. and at the expo there a product called fire break, a gel designed to prevent that. Survival has become big business.
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As you rebuild Secure double entry doors at the top and the bottom. Strengthen existing garage doors to improve the wind resistance, particularly double- wide garage doors. Protect windows with permanent storm shutters or one-half inch marine plywood that is pre-cut to fit your doors and windows. Clear loose and clogged rain gutters and downspouts to prevent flooding and unnecessary pressure on the awnings. Select trees that are not as subject to uprooting to replace damaged ones. A gardening or landscaping professional can give you excellent advice. Identify a place to store lawn furniture, toys, gardening tools and trash cans that is away from stairs and exits to prevent them from being moved by high winds and becoming missiles.
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