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Durability and Comfort Named after the Native American Sauk tribe chieftain, blackhawk bags are most suitable for individuals who are on-the-go. Material toughness can be found in every part of a blackhawk bag, from the zippers to the nylon. These molle bags can be hand carried or slung over the shoulder. The clean lines of design is a clue to the durability and comfort these bags have to offer. The All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment (ALICE) bags, however, are exclusively used by military personnel on a limited basis in the United States (US) Army and the National Guard, with the US Marine Corps using them only for training; the ground units of the US Navy and US Air Force, however, continue to use them in the field. Designed to lighten the loads of combat soldiers, alice bags can withstand all weather conditions, as well as hot weather and cold-wet and cold-dry environments such as that of the arctic regions. Mandatory for the Military and Essential for the Civvie For those who like the challenge of big game hunting, theres the voodoo tactical weapons case.
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Some Items to be Included in the Bonnaroo First-aid Kit People who experienced Bonnaroo 2012 or 2013 or have read a Bonnaroo survival guide 2011 would definitely say that the Bonnaroo experience is exciting and fun yet difficult when you go unprepared, so it is a must to have a survival kit and a backpacking first aid kit for camping. One of the things that you need to prepare for when going to Bonnaroo is the summer heat of Tennessee in June. So aside from bringing dry ice at Bonnarro to keep your food chilled in the cooler, you should also bring burn creams and sunblock. In case the extreme heat gets in your skull and gives you headaches, then some tablets of ibuprofen should also be helpful. In a crowded area full of movement, you will never know what you come in contact with, so it is always best to include an antifungal or antibiotic cream in your backpacking first aid kit. You should also have band aids just in case you get wounded. Another item that you should not forget in your backpacking first aid kit is stomach remedies, since you cannot be sure when stomach problems may arise caused by eating Bonnaroo food that vendors sell or eating your own prepared food.
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First Civilian Users Jokingly referred to by military personnel as a warriors handbag, molle backpacks have become a travelers handy alternative to luggage which often need to be checked in, get lost, manhandled or turn out to be inconvenient. Hikers, mountaineers and rock climbers were the first civilians who used molle backpacks. Those who get their gear from a molle backpacks shop use it to contain a first aid kit, insect repellent, bottled water, tow rope, leatherman tools, flints, head lamps, zip ties, sunblock, digital camera, lip balm, change of clothes, ready-to-eat food, wallet, cell phone and even a small trade paperback or two. But Especially for Fathers A lot of stores during Fathers Day offered molle backpacks for sale especially for first-time daddies or those who still have infants and toddlers. Fathers who bought molle backpacks find them suitable for contingencies such as extra clothing, food, baby bottles, a few toys, diapers, blankets and other items for a day out with their babies and small children. Molle backpacks apparently give these fathers the freedom to chase after their children and maneuver easily through tight spaces. While diaper bags are convenient for fathers who have infants for the storage options, they need a different kind of bag for their children who are 2, 3 or 4 years of age.
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