Very necessary beauty picks: beach skin care edition (Photos)

Bug Found In McDonald’s Burger Not Indicative Of Pest Control Issue, Inspectors Determine (PHOTO)

bug mcdonalds

And with the cute travel bag included, this kit is very necessary for beauty on-the-go. 5. Kameleonz Interchangeable Sunglasses – $19.99 These sunglasses are a definite necessity for travel. The interchangeable arms and frames make these able to be customized to coordinate with every vacation outfit. The best part is that their website offers ideas on how to customize the sets, but you can get as wild with the color designs are you want!
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Put away the bug-out bag

He sued after the company failed to address his concerns. Disemboweled Mouse In Packaged Salad A couple found a disembowled mouse in their Dole packaged salad mix in June 2011. They’d already started eating the salad by the time they found the mealbreaker; they promptly vomited. Human Blood On BLT & Fries Cancer survivor Susan Mosher was outraged after she found human blood on her BLT and fries at a Cracker Barrel in Kingwood, TX, in late June of 2011. Caterpillar In Weight Watchers Cake A dieting woman found a live caterpillar crawling on a Weight Watchers-brand slice of packaged cake in June 2011.
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Don’t Let the Book Bugs Bite

ljx130701webMurvosh1a Dont Let the Book Bugs Bite

Because in the end, survivalist behavior might have less to do with learning how to recycle rainwater than learning how to recycle Chinese money. Put away the bug-out bag By FRANK CERABINO Cox Newspapers July 11, 2013 5:06 PM


I’m a sucker for any email addressed to me as “Dear Fellow Survivalist.” So naturally, I succumbed to wasting several minutes of my day reading thinly veiled product advertising for “prepper” supplies.

“Preppers” is the term for people who imagine they need to start filling their “survival cache containers” before the coming financial apocalypse hits. This is the sort of reading material that comes your way when you end up on tea party mailing lists.

“When China freezes our money …” was the preamble for the scenario that eventually leads to the helpful list of edible varieties of roadside weeds for your future food options. I might have been willing to start hoarding lip balm (an emergency fire starter) for my PSK (personal survival kit) except I also stumbled on a news story about how Chinese tourism in Florida is growing.

More than a quarter-million Chinese tourists visited Florida last year, according to Visit Florida, the state’s tourism promotion organization. That was more than double the number of Chinese tourists who came to Florida three years prior to that.

In this scenario, the Chinese wouldn’t be freezing our money, but getting warm on our beaches.

So it wouldn’t make sense for the Chinese to want to vacation in a place where the locals have been relegated to making soap out of wood ash and putting medical journals in their “bug-out-bags” in case they have to perform surgeries on their loved ones with their Bear Grylls knives.

Instead, the spike in tourism suggests a future of increasing numbers of Chinese tourists visiting Florida and shopping at our Walmarts, where they would be buying back the stuff made in their own factories.

“I think the time it right; we’ll be seeing more Chinese, especially the young people,” Dave Woodward, the executive director of the Florida-China Association, told me.

The not-for-profit group that promotes trade and investment between Florida and China has followed the spike in Japanese and South Korean tourism after those economies boomed. First there’s an economic boom, and then there’s a leisure boom.

That’s what is starting to happen in China. A leisure boom.

“Florida is new territory to them,” Woodward said.
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Revolution Lipstick by Urban Decay

And not just circulation desk staff: make sure the librarys custodial service knows what to look for, says Stephanie Lamson, head of preservation services at the University of Washington (UW) Libraries, Seattle. During furniture upgrades or remodels, consider replacing woven fabric with bed bugresistant materials in vinyl and faux leather, Hastings-on-Hudsons Feir says. Detection At Islip Public Library (IPL), NY, bed bugs have not been a problem, but Director Mary Schubart placed inexpensive insect inceptor cups under furnishings as a precaution. Bed bugs fall into the cup and cant escape; staff members check the cups.
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