Is that it, Mum? I’m starving! Wren gives chick a juicy bug… but it’s just not enough

This wren did her best to find some food for her hungry chick. She returned with a juicy green bug and fed the noisy mite. But no sooner had the newborn finished than it was angrily squawking for more. OK, kid, here’s your meal…
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Patch 5.4 PTR: Glyph of the Weaponmaster

Patch 54 PTR  Glyph of the Weaponmaster

The glyph is specific in its phrasing for a reason – if the weapon is anywhere other than your original backpack, it will not work. At present, the only restriction seems to be that you have to be able to equip the weapon. For example, the PvP weapons from the original ladder system do in fact work with the glyph. This isn’t a glyph that has any sort of effect on PvE or PvP balance, it provides no character power at all, and its not even really original to warriors, being an upgraded version of the Glyph of Felguard , and I don’t care. It’s awesome.
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Canoe trip essentials: bug spray, first-aid kit, dry bag; non-essential: laptop

Cottage Life magazine has come out with a list of things you’ll need and stuff you can leave behind. (For example: need bug spray, first-aid kit, sleeping bag; leave behind laptop computer, hair dryer.) Particularly important is something that will protect all your belongings in the event of rain or a tipped canoe. The best option much better than garbage bags, which will tear and let water in is a dry bag, according to the magazine. This can be purchased at an outfitting shop. Consider either one large one or two small ones.
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Merino man publishes survival guide

Day hikers are one example Knutson used, saying they may have a misplaced sense that nothing bad can happen. Too often, people rely solely on “21st century toys” such as cell phones that may not have a signal in remote areas, he said. Winter driving is another common hazard, as cars can go off the road into a snowdrift and leave passengers trapped for a long time. A simple kit Knutson refers to as a “bug out bag” or BOB can make the survival experience a lot more tolerable, he says. And that’s where his book comes in. “Bug out” is a military term meaning pack up and move out quickly.
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