I.N.C.H. Survival | Work Gloves: An Item For Your Bug Out Bag

5 Bug Out Bag Clothing Considerations

Survival | Work Gloves: An Item For Your Bug Out Bag whitewolf February 14, 2013 Clothing & Apparel 2 Its always a good idea to put a pair of work gloves in your bug out bag. If youre caught in a survival situation youre going to be using your hands and the last thing youneed is to get cut or have a hand full of blisters just waiting to burst and get infected. This is a simple one and I wont go into detail it should be self explanatory. I just decided to throw this one up there because again, many people forget to include this in their BOB. Your hands will be thanking you later!
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Like the greatest bean dip you ever tasted, the clothing you depend on to survive should be based on a system of layers. Now, I would not recommend wearing onions, sour cream, or guacamole and leaving the bean dip reference only as a way to equate the way that layers can enhance the flavor or comfort of your survival situation. Consider the following factors when deciding on what clothing to pack in your bug out bag. Photo Credit: Flickr.com Base Layer The base layer of clothing consists of undergarments and can vary based on the environmental conditions. During cold weather, additions to the base layer can include thermal underwear and vary in the different weights available.Even in times of warmer weather, a good base layer can be an added benefit during night hours or in an environment such as the mountains where the temperature can differ drastically depending on the time of the day.An important consideration to keep in mind when looking at clothing for your base layer is to employ moisture-wicking technology if it is available. This will pull moisture away from the skin to avoid environmental injuries as well as maximizing comfort. Intermediate Layer The intermediate layer will typically consist of standard clothing like pants and shirts.
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