Crescent City: Leader in Tsunami Resilience | Students Rebuild

ADS Center Current Training Teleconference

“Once it’s complete, it’ll be the first tsunami-resistant harbor on the West Coast.” The new harbor is being built to resist a 50-year tsunami event , in other words, for the rare big ones, like in 2011. Construction is expected to be finished this November. Now seemed to be a good time to transition to our quest. “Do you know anything about the boat that washed up from Japan?” “Well – no boats have made it here yet…but a skiff from a Japanese High School sure did.” A note of excitement polished his words. Hiromi and I execute a mental fist bump, and I make a note to always ask after a “skiff,” which is much smaller than a “boat.” “In fact it was here at the Chamber for a while, and we kept getting offers from people to ship it back to Japan.
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Preparing For Disaster. Is Your Data Safe? –

In preparing for natural and man-made disasters, business owners or managers should be considering several factors including what protection is needed when a disaster occurs, what is the best way to bring data back online, and what resources are available to help to do these things. There is more than just bringing a network system back up, including security such as firewalls and identity and access management; IT applications such as email and customer relationship management; voice services as used in call centers; and unstructured data such as spreadsheets and word documents. With the forecast for more and fiercer storms in the future, IT managers have to adapt and improvise more than ever to protect important business data. As Michael D. Toplisek, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for EarthLink stated, IT leaders must tackle complex business challenges with leaner budgets and staff. Planning ahead with a sound disaster recovery plan is at the top of their list. Having a plan and utilizing recovery solutions will ensure that your business doesnt completely shut down in the event of a disaster. Are you prepared? About Johnny Duncan Johnny Duncan is a business writer with a passion for helping businesses succeed with words that win.
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In this role, she leads the Agencys commitment to meet the access and functional needs of children and adults with disabilities in emergency and disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation. Previously, Ms. Roth was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Global Disability Solutions Group, a leading national organization promoting diverse workforce initiatives with a focus on disability issues. Ms. Roth served as a senior member of the Obama for America Disability Policy Committee and served on President Obamas Justice and Civil Rights Transition Team. Over the past 20 years, Ms. Roth has held leadership positions with the National Coalition for Disability Rights; National Spinal Cord Injury Association; National Council on Independent Living; and TASH, the national disability rights organization. She is known for her work in developing and managing effective coalitions to advance public policy initiatives, and is frequently consulted as an expert on strategic approaches that fully integrate preparedness, response, and recovery solutions.
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