Preparing A Bug-Out Bag For Kids

If you have kids, you know that this concept wont go over too well with them. Sure, there are packaged, efficient rations that your kids could get familiar with after a couple of days and a lot of hunger. But, as a parent, you need to realize that it is also your job to make your kids as comfortable as possible when times get rough. I think the easiest thing to do when packing for your child is to focus on familiar flavors that your children have already gotten used to. Dried fruit, peanuts and chocolate are great for kids. They are rich with vitamins, protein and carbohydrates that children need to stay healthy, but they are still considered comfortable to them.
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New Yahoo News Article Details What Should Go In A Bug-Out Bag

( EMAILWIRE.COM , December 14, 2012 ) Nashville, TN — Frank Bates from Power4Patriots has recently posted a new article to Yahoo News, offering a Top 10 Bug-Out Bag list. In this article, the team at the website worked with Bates to form a list to help people be prepared for the unthinkable, listing a number of essentials every person needs. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados and more can all cause a lot of panic when they occur, which means people should always plan ahead. In the article, which has a link provided below, the recommendation is to have this bug-out bag stored near the front door for easy last-minute access. Most of the things included, such as water, food, shelter and clothing, is pretty obvious, but weapons, tools and a radio might not be as much. No one ever knows for sure when the next storm might hit. From Hurricane Sandy to the Carrington Event , there is always the potential that a person must resort to the bug-out bag. Preparation remains the key to survival.
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