ADS Center Current Training Teleconference

Please share this page with interested friends and colleagues. This training will have real-time closed-captioning available for those who need it. The training is free and open to everyone. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions. To access the presentation materials, please select one of the options below: Teleconference Presentation Slides [PowerPoint Format – 16.31 Mb] Please note that the PowerPoint and PDF file sizes are very large so we recommend that you download these files to your local computer and open them from there. To download these files do the following: PC Users: Right-click on the file name and choose save target as Then identify where you would like to save the file. MAC Users: Command + click on the file name and choose download linked file. Then identify where you would like to save the file.
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Preparing better for more frequent natural disasters | Asian Development Bank

Yet the Philippines, along with Vietnam and Bangladesh, is most at risk in the region from multiple natural hazards. The theme of July, the National Disaster Consciousness MonthSafe Country, Prosperous Communitieswas therefore well-chosen. It stresses that effective disaster risk management is everyones concern and it involves all stakeholders, from the central and local governments to barangays and their residents. One reason floods are becoming more destructive and life-threatening is greater exposure from more people living in harms way along waterways or in low-lying areas. Poverty and a lack of opportunity in many rural areas have intensified this trend in urban settings. A second, related cause is peoples increasing vulnerability to hazards of nature, including from environmental degradation. And a third factor also seems to be responsible: manmade climate change. A single country on its own may not make a dent in climate change, but it can address peoples exposure and vulnerability to hazards of nature.
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Environment, Energy, Sustainability and Health Institute (E²SHI)

Gay Street Baltimore, MD 21202 The City of Baltimore is hosting a town hall event to discuss the draft list of goals, strategies, and actions drafted by the Disaster Preparedness and Planning Project Advisory Committee. If you are unable to attend the meeting, comments can be provided at the link here or send via email to . Agenda Disaster Preparedness and Planning Project: 6:30pm FEMA Worst Case Scenario Mapping: 6:45pm Mayors Office of Emergency Management: 7:15pm About the Topic Baltimore is highly vulnerable to many natural hazards, ranging from coastal storms and flooding to extreme heat and high winds. There is strong consensus that these types of extreme events will increase, both in frequency and intensity, over the coming years. Recognizing the Citys current vulnerability to the impacts of hazard events, Baltimore has undertaken a thorough, proactive approach to the hazard mitigation planning process. Baltimores Disaster Preparedness and Planning Project (DP3) was created by the Department of Planning as an effort to address existing hazards while simultaneously preparing for predicted hazards due to climate change. This project develops a plan and implementation guidelines that integrate hazards mitigation planning, floodplain mapping, and climate adaptation planning. A full draft list of DP3 goals, strategies and actions can be found at:
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