Be ready for Doomsday, preppers,with an emergency with a ‘go bag’

Pass 405 and keep bug out bag shelved

Whether a hurricane, earthquake, tsunami or some other crises forces you from your home, even temporarily, you may need to fend for yourself until rescue services are put in place. Having the right supplies stored in your bag can make all the difference in evacuating quickly and safely and surviving until help arrives. Packing a Go Bag Packing a Go Bag What should be in your go bag? The recommended amount of time most people should reasonably expect to be without power, water, etc. is 72 hours. Your bags or storage containers need to hold enough supplies to help you and your family last at least 72 hours. Recommended Contents per person: 1 gallon of water per day remember this is used for drinking, washing and cooking Nonperishable food Change of clothes (jeans, sweatshirt and walking shoes at a minimum) Flashlight with extra batteries Personal documents see list below Cooking and eating utensils Additional items you can add after the basics are covered: Rain poncho Snare wire for trapping food Sewing kit to make repairs with 50 feet of rope or cord Dust mask and thick gloves $100 in small denominations and a roll or two of quarters for vending machines Duct tape Spare glasses and spare set of keys List of Documents: Paper copies will do but you may want to also store copies on a flash drive Birth certificates, social security cards and passports Copies of prescriptions Proof of residency a copy of your rental agreement, mortgage bill, etc.
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Public health officials from Sacramento County demonstrate how to pack a go bag

But what about the weird stuff? Those bizarre items that you might not think to carry. Most people dont spend much thought on the unusual things that could be (or should be) in your survival kits and BOBs. Heres my top five under the radar essentials: 5-hour Energy: If you are a caffeine addict like me, then this little bottle of nectar will go down smoother than spinach in Popeyes throat when coffee isnt an option. When the chips are down and you are running out of steam, knock back an energy drink and keep plugging away. It also helps to stave off caffeine withdrawal headaches. Cigarettes (even if you dont smoke): Think of all the smokers out there who would instantly become your best friend if you had spare smokes to hand out.
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Survival Gear: The Weirdest Stuff That Should Be In Your Survival Kits And Bug Out Bag

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