Build the perfect ‘bug out’ bag

Why not 13 liter container with. You never wanna put all your eggs in one basket waters such an important resource if something would happen to one of these you need a couple of backups — fire. Fire if you have to boil water or regulate — body temperature. Then you need fire when it comes to fire don’t mess around use items that are British that are gonna start. When you need a fire in a disaster scenario conditions are never ideal so. Bic — Really simple wrap and duct tape you never know when you might need to update now so. I use a fire tender cold wet fire and what I’m gonna do here.
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What Happens if Your Bug Out Gun Breaks?

Pair of Glocks.

None of those parts were hard to replace, but I did not have them on hand and they all had to be ordered. Obviously, if they break after the rest of the world does, you might as devout the energy to making yourself a spear. I have on hand Jerry Kunnhausens Smith & Wesson revolver shop manual because I have more of them than anything else and they cover every little part that can break. Shop around and check out what works for your gun. Tools and the talent At the same time, I keep parts on hand for what I know will likely wear out in case they break while Im on the long road. These include extra mainsprings, and at least one little screw for every part of the gun that can take the gun out of commission and that I can fix myself.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

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