Bug-out bag for dogs: are both you and your dog ready?

Hurricane Isaac reminds Americans to stay prepared with a ‘bug out bag‘ (BOB)

More shelters are allowing pets now, but they often request these papers. Additionally, a color photograph of yourself with your dog sealed in a plastic baggie takes up no space at all and is very useful if you are separated. In fact, police suggest this practice for your children, also a photograph of your child with you is valuable to have. Have your dog wear their bug out bag pack before it becomes necessary.
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Rather, your kit should have a means to carry water that you can replenish periodically from found supplies (a canteen, for example) and a means of purifying water (chemical tablets, a metal cup in which to boil water, or a filter bottle). Remember, it isnt enough to be able to transport water. You have to be able to make that water safe to drink. Light is critical if you are to continue doing anything at night or in low-light conditions. Most often, the light in your kit will come in the form of a flashlight.
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What’s in your bug-out bag?

Nevertheless, one lesson from Katrina in 2005 is that government is incompetent and can’t save you from natural disasters. Perhaps that’s why so many citizens are getting prepared on their own, filling up gas tanks and buying up generators, bottled water and other supplies. Profiteering has already kicked in, with some gas stations hiking prices and gouging residents who are fleeing the storm ( http://miami.cbslocal.com/2012/08/26/desperate-drivers-pay-the-price-… ). Hotels in cities along evacuation routes are already filling up, and by all indications outbound automobile traffic will be heavy Monday evening and all day Tuesday. Small hurricanes offer great preparedness practice I don’t expect Isaac to cause anywhere near the damage of Katrina, but the hurricane is at least an opportunity for people to practice preparedness. Do you have a ” Bug Out Bag

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