MCCULLOUGH: Bug-eyed over bugging out

What’s in your bug-out bag?

Then, once you have acquired said backpack, what do you put in it? The real question is, what dont you put in it? All the basics are a given: Knife, flashlight, first aid, water, ways to filter and purify water, dehydrated food or MREs (Meals Ready to Eat for you non-suburban soldier-types), shelter and clothing. After that, its really up to you to decide how prepared you should be. For instance, did you know you need a gas mask with an NBC filter? (Thats Nuclear, Biological, Chemical to the woefully unprepared.) Also, potassium iodide tablets are a must-have to ward off radiation sickness.
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It might be a mirror used to flash over long distance for help. It could be any of several other devices, all of which are used to contact other human beings for assistance. Dont be caught unprepared! Order Gen. Russel Honores book Survival: How a Culture of Preparedness Can Save You and Your Family from Disasters Fire is useful for everything from providing light to boiling water for sanitation to providing warmth. It also has utility purposes, such as for sealing paracord, hardening wooden spear and stake points, etc. Protection in this context has nothing to with weapons (or condoms). Rather, it is something to protect you from the elements a pancho, a survival blanket, your clothing, etc.
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Survival Gear: The Weirdest Stuff That Should Be In Your Survival Kits And Bug Out Bag

When the chips are down and you are running out of steam, knock back an energy drink and keep plugging away. It also helps to stave off caffeine withdrawal headaches. Cigarettes (even if you dont smoke): Think of all the smokers out there who would instantly become your best friend if you had spare smokes to hand out. They also make for good, lightweight tinder.
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