Preppers Are Getting Ready for the Barackalypse

They are the authors of The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook (“Keep your loved ones healthy in every disaster, from wildfires to a complete societal collapse”), one of the best-selling prepper guidebooks on She later approaches me to emphasize that she’s selling insurance, not fear. “I just want you to know,” she says, pointing out the Doom and Bloom logo, “that that tree is the tree of life.” (Technically, it’s a tree of life overlaid on a mushroom cloud.) Perhaps the best salesman for the preppers has been the current occupant of the Oval Office: “He is the leading promoter of this without even knowing it.” Though doomsday evangelists fantasize about reaching mainstream consumers, hardcore prepping attracts a fairly limited demographic. Stevens pegs the market at about 4 million people, and he has his theories on why it’s not for everyone. “It’s the upper-middle white class that shows up here,” he says. “I’ve seen two or three black people and that’s about it.
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Practical Preppers LLC Talks ‘Doomsday Preppers’ Scoring Changes [Interview]

scott hunt practical preppers LLC

Do you really need a sit down lawn mower just because your obese neighbor has one? The more complicated sit down lawn mowers have a greater potential for breakdown, and preppers will not get as much exercise when they cut their lawns. It is not enough for preppers to stop buying so many things that they do not absolutely need. They also should sell , give away , or throw out some of what they already have accumulated. With fewer possessions , organization of the remaining possessions will become much easier. In addition, preppers should not let modern technology become a curse instead of a blessing. For example, too many people spend too much time on Facebook instead of in more intimate face-to-face interactions. Furthermore, healthy living will help to keep preppers lives from becoming complicated.
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Czech ‘preppers’ gear up for doomsday

I must say here that prepping should never be motivated by fear 1 Tim 1v7. I would also like to mention that when you are prepping you cant help but appreciate Gods creation and as an Engineer I am in constant awe of His sustainable water and energy systems. So much here to preach about! J IQ: What are your prepper goals and how has the decision to become more self-reliant impacted your overall outlook on life? SH: My goal right now is to get what I have learned out to a larger audience. What I have done has helped a lot of people get prepared but I know I am only scratching the surface. Prepping for me is extremely rewarding as I get to help people and spend a lot of time trying to figure things out. I also greatly enjoy the lifestyle that goes along with preparedness.
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How can preppers simplify their lives?

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Shoppers would scurry past with their heads down, their feet suddenly moving a little faster, as the man with the long hair waved his microphone around warning everyone that the apocalypse is coming – and to watch out for the zombies. But times have changed. Across the globe is an exploding society of doomsday “preppers” or “survivalists” who are taking extreme steps to protect themselves from catastrophe of all shapes and sizes. An economic collapse, nuclear war, natural disasters and terrorism are some of the things on the list of preppers, thousands of which are based here in the Czech Republic. Prague is just one of the meeting points for Czech survivalists, who meet online and arrange face-to-face meetings around the city, where they can share their survival skills and knowledge. Some naturally are more extreme than others – while some are growing special food to survive an economic meltdown, others are preparing for terrorism and nuclear war. Despite their vast differences, they all meet on one common ground: One can never be too prepared for what’s around the corner.
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