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The original military term was bail out bag until it evolved into the term used today. So what would you need for your zombie apocalypse bug out bag? If you want to survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse you will want to make sure you got your zombie bug out bag checklist and one by one get all of the following zombie bug out bag essentials. The Essential Items Your zombie survival bag should contain everything you need to survive but you also want to make sure they are convenient to use and dispose of. The worst thing that could happen is when a horde suddenly attacks right while you are preparing your meals.
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Bug out Bag Contents List – Best Bug Out Bag List.com

When you go camping or mountain hiking for two to three days you want to make sure you have what you need in case everything goes wrong and having a reliable supply of survival gear is going to keep you alive even when you cant find or catch food or if an emergency occurs. The right bug out back checklist is crucial because this is not like packing for a vacation this is packing for survival. What Should Be In Your Bug Out Bag Contents List? So what should be in a bug out bag? Remember that it does depend on your bug out bag and who is carrying it. A family bug out bag list will contain several items you will never find in a bug out bag list for kids and neither one of them might contain the essential survival kit essentials for fishing. Just consider the following: The Bare Basic Bug Out Bag Essentials: Food Calorie bars, MREs, canned goods that have shelter life of at least several weeks or months Water canister A pot or kettle to boil and purify rain water or spring water Have a can opener or a multi-tool with a can opener and bottle opener Shelter Have a sleeping bag or sleeping roll; a tent is too bulky and a huge burden to carry around Have a thick blanket to keep you dry and safe from bugs Communication Essentials Have at least two flashlights and glow sticks, especially to retrace your steps during the night Bring a whistle Outdoor Survival Tools Make sure to have a reliable fire starter and store extra packs of tinder Bring a multi-tool with several blades or an outdoor survival knife so you can make rudimentary tools in case your usual survival gear breaks or gets lost Rope Slight Complications with Your bug out bag contents List Now if you happen to have a smaller bug out bag then you might not be able to store items good for three days. Your small bug out bag contents

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