Hurricane Isaac reminds Americans to stay prepared with a ‘Bug Out Bag’ (BOB)

). Hotels in cities along evacuation routes are already filling up, and by all indications outbound automobile traffic will be heavy Monday evening and all day Tuesday. Small hurricanes offer great preparedness practice I don’t expect Isaac to cause anywhere near the damage of Katrina, but the hurricane is at least an opportunity for people to practice preparedness. Do you have a ” Bug Out Bag ” ready? (BOB) Hurricanes have a way of forcing us all to rethink our BOBs. We should all be ready to hit the road in a moment’s notice with a survival selection of: Food Important documents such as passports Personal hygiene items such as soap, toothpaste, etc. Spare clothing and quality shoes (NO FLIP FLOPS!) If you don’t yet have your own BOB prepped and ready to go, let Hurricane Isaac be a timely reminder.
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Got your bug-out bag packed?

Your own pack is, in large part, personal preference. The military uses external frames because when youre dealing with a significantly heavy load, they handle it better. An internal frame will hug your body more which is nice for maintaining your balance in difficult terrain. External give you a frame to tie onto as well as allowing air to touch your back, while internal means a sweaty back and if they tear, you have a problem. You need to try on multiple packs, keeping in mind the weight carried with a BOB is going to be a lot. Thats why you buy the lightest gear possible while still making sure it fits your needs. Eberlestock makes an impressive line of packs with scabbards capable of holding and entirely covering rifles, shotguns, and assault weapons. They come in a variety of sizes and are worth the cost.
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Bug-out bag for dogs: are both you and your dog ready?

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At some point, it dawns on everyone that being better prepared for a disaster is necessary. And that’s what folks on National Geographic Channel’s No. 1 show, “Doomsday Preppers,” have been saying all along. The show, which airs Tuesdays, takes on special significance as Dec. 21, or 12/21/12, looms. Many people believe the Mayans considered this date the end of the world. Of course, if it really is doomsday, preparing is moot.
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Survivalist Victory Garden Features the Powerful Life-Saving Bug out Bag Guide

While such a projection may be valid, the present condition of the environment and the disasters besetting the nation and the world should be enough to propel vigilance, awareness and readiness, with the ultimate objective of surviving. Survivalist Victory Garden is home to a wealth of information about preparing for the worst and surviving catastrophes. The website underscores that most people don’t think about surviving a disaster until it’s too late. The truth, however, is that now more than ever, disaster preparedness is important. At, visitors will know all about the much needed bug out bag, a portable kit containing the essential items for survival from disasters within 72 hours of evacuating. The eBook “The Bug Out Bag

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