What’s in your bug-out bag?

Got your bug-out bag packed?

Because water is so heavy and you require so much of it, however, its impractical to carry your full water requirement with you. Rather, your kit should have a means to carry water that you can replenish periodically from found supplies (a canteen, for example) and a means of purifying water (chemical tablets, a metal cup in which to boil water, or a filter bottle). Remember, it isnt enough to be able to transport water. You have to be able to make that water safe to drink. Light is critical if you are to continue doing anything at night or in low-light conditions. Most often, the light in your kit will come in the form of a flashlight.
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Bug-out bag: What to pack for a disaster

Also, the Bugout Bag shouldn’t be seen as the end-all be-all answer to escaping your situation. Your G.O.O.D. vehicle should be seen that way – and it should be preloaded with a few items (different article). The Bugout Bag should be seen as what you have to grab when your vehicle is disabled or out of gas and you have no choice but to leave it. THEN that Bugout bag better have everything in it you need to survive to reach your end destination. With that in mind, I’m going to rush through a few things everyone seems to agree is necessary and then a few things that I have always overlooked or never thought about. The things everyone agrees on: sleeping bag small tarp (I say OR the poncho – don’t see the need for both) very basic first aid kit (bigger one in the vehicle) fire starting material multi-tool (should be on your belt, not in the bag – but preferences vary) fixed blade knife (see note on multi-tool) survival food (MREs or food bars) clean, dry undies and socks water – hydration built into the pack is good flashlight(s) – and spare batteries compass maps as necessary Now, for some of the things that are particular or I’ve left out in the past: Firearms: if you can legally carry them. Then again, if the society goes to hell in a big enough hand-basket, I’m not sure there will be THAT many people who CARE whether or not they’re legally carrying those guns.
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Bug Out Bags?

The main power disconnect is necessary to prevent Flicker & Flash from applying power to your area and destroying your generator and house electronics. It also prevents your generator from electrocuting the Flicker and Flash repair party (possibly from out of state) trying to get you back on line. You bought boots for yourself to try to keep the nails from your feet; doesnt your dog deserve the same? Light sticks, white, many each. With the white ones you can see what youre looking at. The green ones dont show up the leaking water from the ridge vent until your foot goes squish. Red light sticks can mark danger areas. If you have maintenance meds and get 3 months supply at one time, move a couple of weeks worth to other PROPERLY LABELED containers and keep the rest in the original containers in a Ziploc Freezer Bag so you only have one thing to grab.
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Stewart points out these large and expensive items can be shared. One bug-out bag carried by the strongest member of the family can store this gear. Things like extra clothing, medications, water, sleeping bags and blankets can be added to the bags of other family members. If you researching the topic of bug-out bags, youll notice no shortage of photos and mentions of guns and knives. Will you be trying to head to safety and survive or taking down a small army? Are weapons really a necessity? “Unfortunately, yes. It is a statistical fact that violent crimes skyrocket during the aftermath and chaos following every large-scale disaster.
Obtain the full content here http://www.mnn.com/family/protection-safety/stories/bug-out-bag-what-to-pack-for-a-disaster

Ammunition and Bug-Out-Bags – Frank Talk About Guns

Bug Out Bag

In 1992, Ted Gup, an investigative reporter, disclosed its existence, and within four years the government stopped funding. Still, the attention to detail, engineering and defense fascinates the preppers. They devote time to shopping, stocking and planning. Kara and Braxton Southwick of Utah have regular jobs — she works for a financial company; he is a mechanic — but their free time is spent prepping to survive the smallpox epidemic he’s certain is coming. “If I can convince one person to have a bug-out bag and a plan out of the city and three days’ food and water,” Braxton says, it will have justified doing the show. Bug-out bags are what people grab when fleeing disaster.
This info is reported by http://www.oregonlive.com/movies/index.ssf/2012/12/got_your_bug-out_bag_packed.html

Go Go Gadget Go Bag: Make your own Bug Out Bag (VIDEO)


Flooding in Louisiana? Wildfires in Midwest? Grab your go bag and skedaddle. But where to start? This video from Guns and Gear season 4 shows off the goodies in the pre-made go bag from ammotogo.com . You can go with one of these preset bags, but itd probably be cheaper and more effective to customize one of your own.
Thanks to: http://www.guns.com/2012/09/18/go-bag-guide/

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