MCCULLOUGH: Bug-eyed over bugging out

Now heres what I intended to put together: A small canvas bag about the size of a shoebox with a flashlight, knife, first aid kit, emergency blanket, maybe a couple of protein bars, a few other essentials. But a little Web surfing quickly showed me that my little kit was childs play in the world of whats known as survivalism. First of all, apparently, a small, hand-held bag simply will not do. You need a large tactical assault backpack in black or Army camo. What exactly youll be assaulting, Im not sure, but thats what theyre called. You can use the old Army-style ALICE pack (All-purpose Light Individual Carrying Equipment) or the newer MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment.) These are government terms that both mean backpack. The government apparently likes to use as many words as it does dollars. Then, once you have acquired said backpack, what do you put in it?
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How to Make a Bug Out Bag: Your 72-Hour Emergency Evacuation Survival Kit

The Bug Out Bag is your #1 resource in your overall Bug Out Plan and may very well be your key to survival one day. There are 10 supply categories that need to be considered when assembling your Bug Out Bag. Before we dig into each of these categories it is important that I discuss the bag (or pack rather) itself. Your Bug Out Bag needs to be a backpack. It needs to be large enough and sturdy enough to contain the gear necessary to get you through 72 hours of independent survival. You need to be comfortable carrying it for extended periods of time. And, in my opinion, you dont want to APPEAR TO BE PREPARED and STOCKED with gear.
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British man is blown out of his first floor Spanish flat when a can of bug spray explodes in his hand as he tries to kill a cockroach

Lucky to be alive: Daran Cooper recovers in hospital after being treated for a broken arm and cuts to his head

Taking the can from Carmen, Daran began spraying the bug, when the explosion happened. Lucky to be alive: Daran Cooper recovers in hospital after being treated for a broken arm and cuts to his head Destroyed: Mr Cooper’s flat in Torrevieja, with the frame of the balcony wall stripped bare following the blast Speaking from Torrevieja Hospital, Daran said: ‘I started spraying at the cockroach, and some of the gas must have got into the washing machine. ‘A moment later, there was the click of the wash cycle, followed by an almighty bang as I flew through where the wall used to be. ‘There was glass and all kinds of stuff in the air, but miraculously I stayed conscious all the time, and all I could think of, was that I had to protect my head.’ The blast totally ripped out the wall of his partially enclosed balcony, but Carmen escaped unscathed, while their five-year-old son Sebastian was tucked up safely in bed. Three children seriously injured in Maryland Memorial Day boat explosion that put another five in hospital Daran fell onto the pavement just next to a parked car. ‘Im just glad to be alive,’ he added. ‘If Id lost consciousness, I would have died. ‘I made sure that my arms and hands took the brunt of the fall, and by sheer luck I was wearing Superman underpants at the time! His main injury was a bone that went through his elbow, which needed an operation on Wednesday.
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