“What to Put in a Bug Out Bag That Will Save Lives” From AbsoluteRights.com Article

The work thats done before a flood, hurricane, or earthquake hits is what makes survival a realistic outcome. Absolute Rights is bringing that ability to their subscribing members with the new Special Report Get Out Of Dodge. The article said that it is the most practical and informative guide to prepare for dangerous weather, fires, man-made disasters and economic breakdowns. Get Out Of Dodge includes detailed evacuation plans, communication measures, protection steps and recovery efforts. While others are forced to scramble and scavenge for last-minute supplies, readers of the Special Report will have taken the emergency preparedness steps and can rest easy knowing they are ready for anything, said the article. The Get Out Of Dodge Special Report will motivate catastrophe awareness, and inspire Americans to take personal responsibility. Everyone needs to prepare themselves for the disasters that can and will occur, according to the article. Truly preparing for an emergency scenario may seem overwhelming, but it gets easier with more and more knowledge and practice.
Many Thanks to: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/684160

Class AAR: Bugging out with Yeti

A large fire in the neighborhood? Car trouble in the middle of nowhere? These scenarios arent nearly as fun to consider, but they are far, far more likely to occur than a nuclear zombie alien attack. This ties in directly to the next class takeaway: You cant be prepared for everything. Being prepared is a big commitment. It costs time and money. Decide what you want to be prepared for and nail it down.
Locate the full details on this site http://blogs.militarytimes.com/gearscout/2013/07/25/class-aar-bugging-out-with-yeti/

Is that it, Mum? I’m starving! Wren gives chick a juicy bug… but it’s just not enough

This wren did her best to find some food for her hungry chick. She returned with a juicy green bug and fed the noisy mite. But no sooner had the newborn finished than it was angrily squawking for more. OK, kid, here’s your meal… a nice juicy bug: The mother wren feeds her chick Delicious: The baby guzzles directly from Mum’s beak – then squawks to her to come back with more food The photographs were captured by Mark Chambers when the baby wren peered out of a birdbox at his home near Blandford in Dorset. Mr Chambers, a technical manager for PC World, said: We put a nesting box up but for two years it remained empty. That was until this summer when a nesting pair of wrens moved in. Cygnets hatched in an incubator taught to swim by staff at bird park with help from a fluffy toy swan ‘I have to walk past the box to get to my front door and have been keeping a close eye on it without being intrusive.
Kudos to: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2378332/Wren-gives-chick-juicy-bug–just-enough.html

The Importance of The Secure Cache – Your Survival Could Depend on it!

But the six-inchopening is limiting to what you can put in the cache, and larger pipe can be difficult to find. Storeguns.com has a wide variety ofcache tubes, in fact, I recently purchased one of their MonoVault, 248s caches. Contents will depend on location and need- every situation will be differentwith kits being modified toward specific individual and their needs. Here are several areas to consider Shelter Space Blanket, Plastic Trash Bags, Thermals. Fire Matches, Flint and steel, Magnifying Glass. Cotton wool. Water Sterilizing tablets, Filter, Collapsible Canteen and Cover.
Full content accessible right here: http://www.lewrockwell.com/2013/07/md-creekmore/how-to-hide-your-guns-and-gear/

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