Put Together a Killer Go Bag This Weekend

Patriots implementing new bag policy

While we’ve long been fond of this Belkin mini surge protector , it doesn’t sit flush from the wall and can risk breaking when too much pressure is applied to it. Currently we’re more excited about its slightly bigger brother , which lays flat against the wall and has three additional outlets. It’s still pretty small and should fit just fine in any go bag. S What else do you need in your bag? You may want a cellular wireless router for on-the-go internet. For those of you who prefer a little analog in their tech-friendly go bags, a good notebook and pen is important. Poketo has some of the coolest notebooks I’ve seen, but you’re always safe with a good old reliable Moleskine . If a standard ballpoint isn’t doing it for you, check out there reader suggestions for some additional options.
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Put Together a Killer Go Bag This Weekend

Plan Your Organization Scheme There are many ways to make a module compact and organized, but some options work better than others. Let’s take a look at ways you can keep things compact and easily portable. The GRID-IT The Cocoon GRID-IT is one of our long-time favorite organization tools . When creating a modular system for your go-bag, it’s almost indispensable. As you can see from the photo to your right, the GRID-IT is a rectangular board with a busy grid of elastic bands. Lift one up, put something under it, and it’ll stay in place.
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How to Create a Modular “Go Bag” System That Fits Every Need

How to Create a Modular "Go Bag" System That Fits Every Need

The policy states that all bags must be clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and cannot exceed 12″ x 6″ x 6″ in size. Season ticket holders received a complimentary bag from the team this offseason, while clear plastic freezer bags will be distributed to cars that arrive to Gillette Stadium for the first couple of games. Below is more information from the press release sent out by the team: Fans arriving for Patriots games at Gillette Stadium gates, plaza areas, or other areas where fans queue for entry into the stadium must have bags that are in compliance with the new policy. Bags that are not in compliance will not be stored and must be returned to the patrons vehicle. A description of the style and size of the bags that will be allowed is described below: * Bags that are clear (see through) plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12 x 6 x 12. * One-gallon clear (see through) plastic freezer bag or similar. * Small clutch bags, not to exceed 7 x 4 x 2 (approximately the size of a hand), with or without a handle or strap, may be carried into the stadium along with one of the clear bag options. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: non see-through purses larger than a clutch bag, coolers, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, cinch bags, luggage of any kind, seat cushions, computer bags and camera bags or any bag larger than the permissible size. For additional information, go to NFL.com/allclear .
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Blackhawk’s Go Box Mag Bag

If I was going to suggest an improvement, Id say it might be nice to have the shoulder straps configured so you could attach it to a plate carrier or a larger bag via Fastex buckles instead of just the D-rings, and personally (things being the way they are) Id prefer to have some civvie low profile color options. The latter of course is cosmetic. Structurally, I found it to be well thought out and constructed. It comes standard with a good amount of features that I appreciate in a bag intended for this function and can be configured to fit the end users preference. Overall, the Blackhawk Go Box Mag Bag would be a great choice for a general purpose bag, a small go bag or of course its intended useto store magazines. Retail price varies on the source but seems to typically run $80 or less.
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The Basic Police Go-Bag

What Ive listed is MY mandatory list. Extra ammo for your long gun: This seems like a no-brainer. You have no idea how much youll need and too much only means you cant carry it or maneuver with it. For my AR-15 I have four 30-round magazines. With one in the gun, that leaves me three to carry in the go-bag.
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