Survival Skills: How to Scout a Bug Out Site

Bug attack: Our experts’ guide to taking the sting out of being bitten

Larger in size than most state and private parks, National Parks may require more scouting to find a good spot. But this land can often provide you with everything you need. And speaking of needs from the land, look for these qualities when youre walking the site. Water: The liquid that sustains us is very heavy. You wont be carrying much with you if you are bugging out. Select a site that has some kind of fresh water nearby. An actual spring would very valuable. Seclusion: A remote site will greatly limit the number of people wandering by looking for a handout in a bug-out-necessary scenario.
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What Happens if Your Bug Out Gun Breaks?

Pair of Glocks.

BED BUGS INSTANT TREATMENT: ‘Bites on the face and neck are often caused by bed bugs, although they can happen all over the body,’ explains pharmacist Sean Woodward, a spokesman for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. ‘Wash bed linen at high temperatures and vacuum your mattress. Steroid cream will help relieve inflammation.’ WHEN TO SEEK HELP: Bed bugs can trigger an allergic reaction that can bring on an asthma attack, so sufferers should be vigilant if travelling to a country or city where bed bugs are rife. MOSQUITOES INSTANT TREATMENT: ‘It’s rare to feel the moment a mosquito bites as they inject an anaesthetic before they insert their probe into the skin,’ explains Dr George Kassianos, immunisation expert for the Royal College of GPs and a spokesman for the Malaria Awareness Campaign. ‘The itch can develop up to several hours later depending on an individual’s sensitivity. Bites produce a red itchy lump.’ Treat the bites with a topical antihistamine such as Anthisan Bite & Sting Cream. This blocks the histamine receptor sites in your nerve endings, which reduces swelling and skin irritation. WHEN TO SEEK HELP: Scratching a bite can cause a localised infection that may require antibiotics. Some mosquitoes carry malaria or other diseases.
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Does the term ‘bug out’ mean anything to other vacationers?

They also make for good, lightweight tinder. Vodka: Youll get more bang for your buck carrying around a little bottle of hard liquor than a bottle of beer. This can serve as a wee nip you swallow for courage, or as a disinfectant as part of your medical gear. Candy: Since vodka doesnt solve every problem, keep some hard candy in your survival gear. Sugar is great short-term fuel, and a few sweets can lift the morale of both the grownups and the kids in a group. A little notebook or journal: Rip out pages to make notes to communicate or signal for help. Take notes that could come in handy as your survival situation goes on.
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Survival Gear: The Weirdest Stuff That Should Be In Your Survival Kits And Bug Out Bag

Indeed, it prompts me to wish physical harm on those who say such a thing even as the rivers of sweat are gushing forth from the pores of my sunburned epidermis. The weekend forecast was for moderate temperatures moderate for hell, that is of mid-90s to 100 on our final day. If we hiked in the morning and spent afternoons and evenings at the pool or pig-troughing at local eateries, wed be fine. Then, on the first morning, while in our hotel room gathering up gear for the days adventures, we all saw it: A cockroach ran across the carpet between the wall and one of the beds. My wife screamed and hollered.
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An extra main spring or two is a light investment for your bug out bag both in terms of price and weight. Speaking of fixing yourself, basic gun repairs are something every gun owner should be able to do, especially when it comes to the gun that they are betting on their life on if civilization falls. You can buy all the aftermarket goodies you want for that AR-15 magazines, light rails, tactical slings, etc but if the gun breaks all you efforts and spent dollars are pointless without a gunsmith on hand. If formal or casual gunsmith training isnt your thing, you should at least have a general familiarity with any issues your gun may experience in the bush. Beyond getting a good shop manual, make sure there are no special tools that you need to fix those little or big parts if they break. This is a bigger consideration than you may think; some guns will require unique equipment to reassemble and some gun Rebound slide spring tool. makers/accessory makers have the unfortunate penchant for designing parts with their own proprietary tools in mind. Go through that manual front to back and find out if there are any tools you need that you dont already haveget them if you plan on keeping the gun running smoothly. I also suggest you spend some time online, in the forums and perusing other user posting sites to see what problems other people who own the same make and model of your gun have experienced. When I owned a Beretta Storm 9mm carbine , the Achilles heel of that gun was the magazine spring.
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