Alaska search-and-rescue agencies test airdrop survival kits

A second role-play is being planned for late October. That exercise will take place somewhere in Interior Alaska. The plan is to continue to work out the problems associated with the fixed-wing kit drops, Vanderweide said. We want to improve our capabilities. The desired end is three additional sustainment packages to support up to 100 people for 72 hours. The Coast Guard employs MH-60 Jayhawk helicopters for numerous rescue missions, but the capabilities of the whirlybirds are limited.
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Relief Society promotes 72-hour survival kits

And these 72-hour kits can help sustain you. On Tuesday, the group met to go through the essentials that make up a 72-hour survival kit as Sharp dissected the contents of a few bug-out backpacks, which allow preparations to become more mobile if you have to evacuate your home. Contents included basic food and water supplies, three bottles of water, hard candy, granola bars and ready-to-eat meals, including military MREs. Its good to make sure you like whats in your bag, said Sharp. You can customize your bag. Along with emergency ponchos, flash lights, batteries, hand sanitizer, bandages, duct tape, blankets and basic medical supplies. The group suggested contents in their own bags including small bills in case ATMs go out, knifes, fishing wire and hooks, insect repellent, important documents, compasses, fire starters, rope, medication and sewing kits just to name a few.
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Home Emergency Kits

JetScream Whistle? Didn’t think so. When you venture into the great outdoors , do you have what you’d need should disaster strike? Dina Bennett, an instructor at the Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School in Catawba, Virginia, says preparedness is the key to enjoying all kinds of outings, from three-day expeditions to three-hour hikes. (“It’s those short trips,” she warns, “that people forget to plan for.”) Her kit is ready to go wherever you’re headed. 1. Tweezers.
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Survival Kit List: 16 Things Every Woman Should Carry On A Summer Adventure

Likewise they recommend a three day supply of food for each person. This food must be either canned or non-perishable. You should also keep a container of household bleach in your emergency kit. This bleach must be simple basic bleach, without added cleaners, scents or color safe additives. In an emergency you can treat water by using 16 drops of common household bleach per one gallon of water. Emergency Kit Supplement The emergency kit should be kept where it can be easily accessed. A secondary kit should contain any prescription drugs, hygiene products and spare glasses. As a general rule a weeks’ worth of medication should be kept ready at all times. If the drugs are critical to your survival you may want to consider a longer supply.
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Sawyer emergency kits are uniquely designed in preparation of a sudden crisis and approved by a panel of wilderness medical experts. Medics and first responders are trained to administer medical assistance when an emergency situation occurs or a disaster strikes. Often, being unprepared in the event of an emergency can induce a tremendous amount of panic and stress. Having a few essential, cost-effective emergency kits on hand will help assist victims while medical help is on the way. The Sawyer B4 Bee Sting & Venom Extractor Pump Kit is designed and medically approved to provide the most powerful suction available for the safe extraction of venoms and poisons, as a result of snakebites, wasp stings, spider or mosquito bites. The Sawyer SP926b – Group First Aid Kit Pouch is always ideal for multi-person excursions, expeditions and team sports. This first aid pouch can help with treating and cleaning minor wounds, stop serious bleeding, secure broken bones and sprains, as well as treat heat exhaustion. The Sawyer B4 Bee Sting & Venom Extractor Pump and Sawyer SP926b – Group First Aid Kit Pouch are a great combination to have at home or when traveling when an abrupt emergency arises.
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Emsisoft Emergency Kit

A command line version of the scanner makes it very easy to create batch files that will customise exactly how the detector works. If these utilities don’t do the job, then Emsisoft HiJackFree allows you to investigate the system manually. You’re able to view active processes, drivers, services, Windows startup programs, open ports, host file entries and more, helping you to spot any brand new threats that might have breached your PCs defences. Removing these dangers can be difficult, unfortunately: malware uses all kinds of tricks to protect itself from deletion. But that’s why Emsisoft added BlitzBlank to their Emergency Kit. This useful utility is able to delete files, drivers and Registry entries at boot time, before the virus has loaded, so bypassing any protection it might employ and ensuring your PC will quickly be restored to normal.
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