Five Thousand Americans Will Build Disaster Preparedness Kits

Survival kit: Supplies for weathering a disaster

Aug. 6: National Night Out, The Salvation Army Kroc Center, Grand Rapids, Mich. Aug. 17: 28th Annual Family Day in Keney Park Festival, Hartford, Conn. Aug.
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Affiliates include volunteers, employees of UCSF contractors, including food court staff, residents, fellows or anyone who has a current UCSF identification badge. It is now possible for every UCSF ID card holder to purchase a three-day disaster kit for their car for $5.31 or a three-day disaster kit for a family of four for $33.55. In addition, a department can also purchase three days of disaster supplies for their office, class or lab for as little as $11.71 per person. By partnering with Your Safety Place, a San Francisco Bay Area-based company with an online store, the UCSF Police Department has contracted for a 20 percent discount on disaster supplies, allowing members of the campus community to purchase any item from Your Safety Places extensive inventory. To buy discounted emergency supplies, go to:
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LDS churches to host emergency preparedness fair in Brentwood

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Mid-Atlantic Preparedness and Survival Expo Brings Together Vendors, Others Concerned With Life After Disaster (PHOTOS)

Food, water, protection and shelter are musts for planning ahead, Blevins said. That includes figuring out how to filter water and get food. Blevins recommended researching previous events that have occurred in one’s region to know what kinds of events to prepare for. But preppers, including Acker, Blevins and event organizer Richard Tydings, said television has only shown the extremes when it comes to preparing for the unknown. “We don’t talk about the zombie apocalypse,” Blevins said. Tydings, of Hagerstown, took seven months to plan the expo. He became interested in prepping after reading William R. Forstchen’s 2009 novel “One Second After.” Tydings said he has extra food and fuel on hand and he also gardens and owns chickens.
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Emergency Preparedness Kits Made Affordable for UCSF Community

“Our event will even bring in local school districts. Considering the amount of time kids are in school it is possible the emergency will happen during school hours.” Beckstrand said that the emphasis of this event is preparedness, even using the phrase the Community Emergency Response Team Manual has as the slogan for their event: “Preparedness is the key to survival in a disaster.” “Most people prepare by having enough supplies for a couple of hours,” Beckstrand said. “They aren’t aware that it can take up to seven days for aide to arrive.” To make the event even more enticing, the group is working with the Brentwood Rotary Club to provide a barbecue lunch for up to 1,500 people. The group will bring organizations from all over together, including Antioch, Brentwood, Oakley and Pittsburg Police departments, Brentwood SWAT and K-9 groups, as well as Neighborhood Watch, Antioch Union School District, Liberty Union High School District and Brentwood Union School District, U.S. Coast Guard, AMR Ambulance Service, American Red Cross, and all of the East County fire departments. At noon the CalStar helicopter will arrive and Contra Costa County Search and Rescue will be on hand to answer any questions. “Our goal is to educate our neighbors,” Beckstrand said. “We want everyone to be safe.” To that end, they will help educate children to be prepared, provide children’s finger printing and information on emergency supplies to store and how to store them.
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