You’re a SEAL Stranded in Hostile Territory: What’s in Your Survival Kit?

Shall have a weather resistant gasket able to keep out water during minor water immersion (i.e. river crossings, swimming) Shall have a fastening system that is reuseable and secure to prevent accidental openings Top surface of kit must have permanently affixed a 2 x 3 piece of loop fastener (i.e. soft side of velcro) Ruggedized to take heavy abuse while carried without damage to inner contents Case shall securely hold all items below without rattling or other noises. The soft case, measuring 3.5 by 2.25 inches, will feature a U.S. flag patch (so much for keeping your nationality secret, although one has to believe its removable), be subdued desert in color and feature a hook fastener (i.e. hard side of velcro) sewed to back with a slit in order to store and retrieve contents below yet hold contents down while worn. The SEALs hard-storage case will contain (quoting directly from the solicitation): 1. Mini-Multi Tool with: c. 1 large d. Black in color The final two items are worth singling out, because they highlight the optimism bred into every SEAL (and trump the safety and bobby pins): 10. Handcuff Shim (Pick) 11. Universal Handcuff Key a. Non-metallic resin material How to pack survival kits for stranded special-operations forces has been a subject the U.S. military has dealt with for at least the past half-century, according to this Army contracting guidance from back then: An individual engaged in unconventional warfare and counter-guerrilla operations is frequently exposed to possible capture. In counter-guerrilla operations, indigenous elements with which a US soldier is working may be dispersed, causing complete separation of the soldier from the unit. While in an operational area, he must be continuously prepared to initiate evasive action and conceivably to continue evading for an extended period of time. His possession and proper use of a suitable survival kit may be the critical factor in effecting a successful juncture with friendly personnel.
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Homemade survival kits battle the flu

<img src='; width='250px' alt='James Preston of Chewton Mendip, England, is hunkering down as he battles what he calls the worst stage of his “man-flu.” His flu survival kit consists of a variety of home remedies, medicine and snacks, such as apple juice, cough drops and French bread for his soup.’ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

The last section is called Be Prepared and gives you information on how to build a perfect survival kit. This list is pretty extensive so gathering them all may seem like an irrelevant task when you first look at it. There is also a page which gives you the relevant details on how to sanitize water and cook food properly. You are also recommended to carry six different documents in case your phone does lose battery or isnt with you. Limitations While setting up an emergency profile may be a great thing to do there are two big limitations to having the information on your phone. The first is that if your phone runs out of battery or you forget it then all this information is useless. The second is that if youve fallen unconscious how are the medical professionals and bystanders going to know that you have this information on your phone. Im sure that their first movement wouldnt be to check your phone on the off chance that you have all your medical information there. Really, for them to assume this, everyone would have to be using this application which I would highly encourage. You can tell that the app itself has no major limitations and performs admirably. The limitations only arise because of the fact that the information is on your phone. Why I Love Emergency Kit The main reason that Emergency Kit appealed to me was that it was far more extensive and useful than any app I had seen previously.
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Being prepared means having an emergency kit

Emergency kit

A dust or partial mask to help filter contaminated air, plastic sheeting, duct tape to cover windows and doors should also be kept in the kit. Keep a wrench or pliers on hand to turn off utilities. Sanitation items such as moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties will be needed. Additional items to consider adding to a basic emergency supply kit are prescription medications and glasses, important family documents such as copies of insurance policies, identification and bank account records in a waterproof, portable container. Cash or traveler’s checks should also be included. You can use the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit developed by Operation Hope, FEMA and Citizen Corps to help you organize your information. Emergency reference material such as a first aid book or other pertinent information is available from An emergency kit should include a sleeping bag or warm blanket for each person. In Alaska extra blankets are recommended as well as at least one or more complete changes of clothing for each person. Cold weather gear including coat, boots, hat and gloves should also be part of any Alaska emergency kit as well. Other items that might be needed are a fire extinguisher, matches in a waterproof container, feminine supplies and personal hygiene items, mess kits, paper cups, plates and plastic eating utensils and paper towels. Families with small children might want to pack books, games, puzzles or other entertaining activities. The FEMA Website suggests that it may be wise to have enough supplies in the emergency kit to last for up to two weeks and also recommends keeping a workplace and vehicle emergency kit.
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Emergency Supply Solutions Offers Emergency Kits and Go Bags at Affordable Prices

Save San Diego, CA — ( SBWIRE ) — 05/23/2013 — Emergency Supply Solutions, a renowned company for First Aid Supplies in San Diego , that offers its customers the best emergency kits and go bags at affordable prices. The company believes that emergency situations may come during anyone’s lifetime, so it is better to be prepared for this event, than to regret it later. Therefore, the company offers emergency supply for earthquakes , other natural disasters and terrorism attacks. The company offers many of its customers emergency products such as Trauma Kits which can easily supply 1000 people in need of emergency services; a two-week essential survival and premium food kit which can serve 1 person for up to 2 weeks in a time of emergency; deluxe office emergency kits which will supply up to 20 people and are very useful when an emergency situation occurs. These kits are exactly what a company needs during an emergency such as a hurricane, tornado or other disaster. Customers may design their order to their own requirements and be better prepared to save their life and the lives of their family members. An emergency situation may occur at any time without warning. Advance preparation is necessary to survive a disaster. To minimize the effect, Emergency Supply Solutions can provide its customers with the best emergency supplies available on the market.
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Emergency Kit: Be Prepared For The Unexpected

Jaclyn Kunz from East Rockaway, New York, never had the flu until this year. But now that she is sick, she says cough drops, sports drinks, a variety of cold and flu medications and “bad television” are helping her get through her flu. HIDE CAPTION The flu has been reported in 47 states across the nation Although the spread of the flu has slowed, widespread activity is still reported Illness has led people on social media to post photos of their flu survival kits Flu survival kits consist of medications, fluids and home remedies (CNN) — The early flu season has spiked a fury of “germaphobia” across the United States as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that the flu has reached epidemic levels . Widespread activity is projected to continue. As the fear of contracting the flu spread, so did the trend of crafting flu survival kits. Photo-sharing communities such as Instagram filled with photos of products people were using to battle the flu, from Vitamin C to favorite movies to even a swig of whiskey.
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