Survival guide to dorm living

The Post-College Survival Guide

The Post-College Survival Guide

Related How much exercise do kids need? It’s no secret that what goes on in residence halls can be distracting to new students. In fact, they can even be devastating. Aside from the more tragic problems that dorm-dwelling students may end up having to deal with (death, disease, addiction, pregnancy), everyday battles with roommates over things like cleanliness, personal space and privacy can seriously effect the outcome of students’ college careers. Cleanliness The best way for students to maintain a positive relationship with the residents of their hall — including their roommates — is to maintain a clean living space. This conveys a clean lifestyle and, above all else, a healthy lifestyle. Nobody wants to end up sharing a room with a slob, let alone his or her pile of garbage. Little or no sacrifice is necessary when it comes to dorm room cleanliness. Cleaning products can last throughout the school year and won’t break the bank. Otherwise, residence halls typically provide cleaning supplies and equipment, like vacuum cleaners, that can be checked out from their front desks.
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An Emotional Survival Guide to Burning Man


And who knows? You may even get an extra day on your cruise if your homeport is closed due to a hurricane. Will I get seasick? The worst-case scenario is that youll encounter rough seas and may battle seasickness. Not everyone gets green around the gills when the ship rocks and rolls, but if you usually do, board the ship prepared. Bring along items to treat motion sickness and dizziness like ginger candies, over the counter Bonine, or a prescription for meclizine or the Transderm Scop patch. If you do start to feel under the weather, be sure to eat something plainlike bread or crackersand keep your eyes on the horizon. If things go downhill from there, you can always see the ships doctor who can provide a shot of something like promethazine (phenergan) or hydroxyzine (vistaril) to combat your symptoms. Will the itinerary change? Travelers may be disappointed to find out that if a cruise does adjust its itinerary due to a hurricane, passengers are not entitled to any compensation. In fact, when you book an itinerary you agree to the contract that says the cruise line can change the lineup of ports at will. Its rare that it happens, but cases of bad weather can mean certain ports are swapped for others, or that the order of calls is changed. Thats why its especially important to book refundable shore excursions when traveling during hurricane season. Know the lingo As your vacation approaches, watch the weather forecast to determine if inclement weather will be an issue.
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Obamacare Guide Now No. 1 on Times’ Best-Seller List

I know this sounds silly, but you’ll be surprised by the connection you’ll make with your campmates when you start a sentence with, “I felt vulnerable today…or courageous…or, I learned about my relationship with humility this morning.” Oh, the places you’ll go… 7. Tend to your Hierarchy of Needs. Photo: Fest300/Chip Conley Psychologist Abe Maslow would have had a field day studying Burning Man (my 2010 camp was called “Maslowtopia,” a self-actualizing community). In the desert, many of us try to “be all we can be” and leap to the peak of Maslow’s pyramid without taking care of our physiological base. When in doubt, drink some water and take a nap.
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Ultimate Survival Skills Guide

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Of course, if you need some more advice, we have plenty of tips for everything from reading body language to following up on interviews . Step Three: Get Your Mind Ready for Your Career You nailed the resume, you passed the rounds of interviews, and now you’re on your way to your first job. Now what? It’s time to get through those first few stressful months at your new career. Your first few days on the job are all about familiarizing yourself with your new career. This means it’s important to ask questions about what’s expected of you, accept that you’re going to make mistakes, and try your best to fit into the role you’ve been hired for. The best you can really do here is prepare yourself for a lot of hard work, potentially long hours, and a lot mistakes. Getting organized and accepting your newbie status is a good place to start, as is knowing what is expected of you the first day . Be on time, ready to work, and be ready to make some mistakes along the way. You’ll also want to ask a few questions about wardrobe, equipment, and skills to make sure you’re on the same page as your employer. If you’re switching from pulling all-nighters cramming for tests to suddenly getting up at six in the morning every day it’s also a good idea to reboot your sleep schedule so you’re prepared for your new hours.
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Hurricane season survival guide for cruisers


A must-read for anyone who is worried about getting good healthcare for themselves or their employees. More than 300,000 Americans have gotten a copy of the ObamaCare Survival Guide, which has been topping best-seller lists for months. In addition to The New York Times list, the Guide has been among the best-sellers on Amazon, ranking No. 1 on Amazon.coms list of the best-selling books in three categories. Note: Get your copy of the Obamacare Survival Guide for just $4.95 with Special Offer Go Here Now 2013 Newsmax. All rights reserved. More ways to share… Kerry: Syria’s Chemical Arms Use ‘Moral Obscenity’ Monday, 26 Aug 2013 15:23 PM Secretary of State John Kerry says chemical weapons were used in Syria and is accusing President Bashar Assad of destroy…
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Animated journalist survival guide looks ahead

Animation requires lower bandwidth to view than video, making the guide more accessible in places like Syria, where Internet connections are limited. Use of animation also helps overcome language barriers. A written summary of each of the guide’s nine lessons is available for download in English and Arabic. The guide provides invaluable tips, such as recognizing the difference between hiding from view and being protected from gunfire; knowing how a source’s profile , even if video-recorded only in shadows, could still be identified; being aware of the digital markers or metadata in electronically transmitted information; protecting yourself from tear gas , and what you should do if you are exposed; and helping make your Internet connection more secure . The lesson on “How to protect your computer against hacking and malware ” is excellent. So is the lesson on “How to secure your Skype account .” Both address serious threats. Groups like the Citizens Lab, of Toronto, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, of San Francisco, have uncovered the use of spyware embedded into what look like videos online of human rights abuses in Syria. The videos, however, end up downloading a cheap, Russian-made spyware called “BlackShades Remote Controller” that gives an attacker full access to a journalist’s computer, along with all of his or her information and contacts. There are some shortcomings in the new guide. It sometimes tries to cover too much ground. The second lesson on “How to protect your sources’ identity” begins by explaining the ethics of interacting with individual sources before introducing, but only glossing over, the basic steps of digital security to protect not only sources but also information and the journalists themselves.
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Survival guide for extreme poverty launched

An emergency survival guide to help people who have no money and no food has been launched. Custom byline text: katrine bussey The Stirling Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) is the first in Scotland to produce such information – saying it had seen a rising number of people coming to them for help in this situation. But Citizens Advice Scotland said other CAB across the country may follow suit, as people all over Scotland are struggling. Loading article content As the new guide was launched, Holyrood housing and welfare minister Margaret Burgess claimed welfare reforms had left rising numbers of people in crisis. Ms Burgess praised the “excellent work of frontline advice and support organisations in helping individuals and families suffering the consequences of the UK Government’s cuts and changes to the welfare system”.
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dorm room

This is a weighted sum and not an actual total. For each affiliate paid in the last 8 weeks we add an amount between 0.1 and 1.0 to the total. The more recent the last referral, the higher the value added. Number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by referring a paying customer to the publisher’s products. Ultimate Survival Skills Guide User Reviews Paramour I started using from the day I joined it. I was wondering how to use that effectively. That is when I saw the manual which was provided by .
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