Emergency preparedness checklist for perfect storm Hurricane Sandy – Here’s what you need to get NOW

Disaster Management Trainer and Consultant

Personal hygiene items, including toilet paper. Emergency multi-purpose knife. Matches, lighters and fire starting devices. Activities to pass the time when there’s no TV: books, cards, games, etc. Copies of your important paperwork and identification documents.
This data is based around: http://www.naturalnews.com/037716_Hurricane_Sandy_emergency_preparedness_checklist.html

DIXON The Webster County Emergency Management Agency is offering a free community emergency response team class. The CERT class begins Sept. 10 at the U.K. Extension Office in Dixon. The eight-week course will be every Tuesday from 6-9 p.m., except Oct. 8 which is fall break for Webster County Schools. The purpose behind the class is to teach residents how to take care of themselves and others in a disaster, said Webster County EMA Director Jeremy Moore. Training consists of disaster preparedness, utility shut off, basic fire suppression, basic first aid, light search and rescue, terrorism awareness, disaster psychology, team organization and a final drill to exercise skills learned in class. The class is free. Everyone who completes the course will be given a free disaster kit valued at $85.
To view all of the original copy together with all supplementary pictures or video clip, check-out: http://www.courierpress.com/news/2013/aug/25/disaster-preparedness-class-being-offered-in/

Sheriff’s CERT volunteers prep for Emergency Response Month

Similarly, consulting projects require meeting with clients to determine needs, develop appropriate work plans and budgets; and undertaking desk or field studies to achieve project objectives. Almost all projects require high quality written reports or similar publications. Note: US Citizenship, US Residency or US work authorization required. Experience and Competencies Required For Associate level, minimum 3-5 years progressive work experience with humanitarian, disaster management and/or disaster/conflict recovery issues. For Partner level, minimum 5 – 10 years progressive work experience with humanitarian, disaster management and/or disaster/conflict recovery issues. Field experience in Latin America, Africa or Asia. Bachelors Degree (Masters Degree preferred) in international affairs, political science, health, public health, law or other field related to disaster management/humanitarian assistance. Expertise in at least one sectoral, technical or cross cutting issue related to disaster management, humanitarian and recovery settings, such as (but not limited to) disaster risk reduction, information management, health, nutrition, food security, public health, engineering, education, livelihood generation, gender, environment and human rights. Demonstrated experience designing and implementing training programs; experience in training programs targeted for international humanitarian actors is highly desirable. This includes workshops, simulations, and distance learning approaches. Excellent written and verbal communication skills (English); proven ability to communicate effectively with diverse and multicultural audiences. Solid interpersonal skills; must be able to manage a variety of external relationships in a cross-cultural professional environment and represent the organization with senior level managers and other policy makers.
To locate all of the original copy incorporating any existing additional photographs or video, check-out: http://reliefweb.int/job/597723/disaster-management-trainer-and-consultant

Disaster and emergency management field growing

As emergency and disaster management coordinator for the Lifespace Communities Oak Trace retirement community in Downers Grove, David Docekal has put together plans for emergencies such as tornadoes, power outages, missing residents and other events.

She said the lists of items to efficiently pack inside a survival kit and possible evacuation routes for the county are all available from the Regional Emergency Services Department. In addition to the outreach for emergency preparedness, CERT will also be advocating for a free academy, beginning Sept. 19. The CERT Academy provides residents with the information they need to help save lives and reduce trauma in the event of an emergency. CERT Academy training includes disaster preparedness, emergency medical techniques, fire safety, search and rescue, disaster psychology, and terrorism awareness education. The CERT Academy offers a total of 24 hours of training during six sessions over two consecutive weekends. The training is free and trainees are not required to become a Citizen Corps volunteer to participate. It is so important to have a plan for these situations that you never know when they will happen, Hambleton said. Having access to the training the Emergency Management Department offers, and the detailed information available online, will no doubt make a difference in an emergency. To sign up for the Academy, call 325-6927 or 325-6928, or email drussell@washoecounty.us. For more information about Washoe Countys Emergency Management services, visit http://www.washoecounty.us/em. About 200 volunteers currently serve in the Citizen Corps administered by WCSO.
This content is based on: http://dailysparkstribune.com/view/full_story/23439019/article-Sheriff-s-CERT-volunteers-prep-for-Emergency-Response-Month

Disaster preparedness class being offered in Webster County

Suburban community colleges have spotted the opportunity, offering programs geared at training students in the field. “There’s a need to have more people involved in this career than ever before,” said Sam Giordano, who runs the Emergency and Disaster Management program at Harper College in Palatine. The number of emergency and disaster worker jobs is expected to increase by 23 percent in the next 20 years, according to the 2012-13 U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics . Not only have local governments been beefing up their emergency response plans and teams, but so have corporations like Walmart, Walgreens and even suburban retirement communities. The median salary for an entry-level job in emergency disaster management is $37,600 a year, or about $18 an hour, the labor bureau’s data showed. Government jobs in this field tend to pay more, local experts say.
This gem originates via one of my favorite blogs: http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20130628/news/706289946/

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