72 Hour Kits

LAN World Announces the New Standard in 72 Hour Survival Kits Complete with Firearm

Included in the 72 hour kit is the bare minimum of food youll need to survive, things that have a long shelf life: granola bars, packages of oatmeal, soup mixes, fruit leather, beef jerky, cans of fruit, bottled water, etc. Other non-perishable items are batteries, radios, flashlights, blankets, changes of clothes, medication, bandages, etc. You also need contact numbers for people you will need to call. The Red Cross suggests choosing aAcontact person outside your area as the local lines will probably be tied up. Having all members of an extended family from one geographicalAarea call the same person will allow you to arrange a meeting place. Knock on wood, the 72 hour kit is also the place you should keep up-to-date photographs of members of your family in case you get separated. The Red Cross has aAplan the family should fill out together. They recommend agreeing to two meeting places. The first should be close to the home in case of something like a fire. The other should be further away in case the whole neighborhood gets wiped out by a flood, earthquakeAor tornado.
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How to Make a 72-hour Kit

is excited to announce the release of its new line of 72 hour survival kits. Two main styles will be available; pistol kits and rifle kits. We are very excited to offer the public an affordable, complete 72 hour survival kit package. These kits will include all necessary products for a 72 hour period of time plus a firearm and ammunition. All in an attractive one stop package. With the release of these completely new designed 72 hour kits we believe that everyone can be prepared says Chris Bieling, President of LAN World, inc. About LAN World – LAN World, Inc. began as a reseller of firearms to California in 2003 and has evolved to become the leading provider of California compliant firearms, and the only company to import HERA-ARMS products into the United States. LAN World, Inc.
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Posted by Cara Stromness | Last updated: Mar 25, 2013 Emergency Backpack Everyone has seen how disasters can happen quickly and change the lives of thousands of people. Emergency Preparedness should not be taken lightly. An emergency situation can happen anywhere, so a good idea is to have 72-hour kits prepared that will aid in survival for three days. A 72-hour kit should be made for each member of a family and be tailored to their specific needs. If there are children too young to carry their own 72-hour kit, then their essential items should be placed in their guardians 72-hour kit. It is also very important to keep the 72-hour kits up-to-date , as people are constantly growing and food goes bad. Food and Water Food and water are the most important items in a 72-hour kit because a person cannot survive without them.
Attribution to: http://suite101.com/article/how-to-make-a-72-hour-kit-a203056

Making a 72-Hour Kit

It focuses on packaging enough food for 4 people for 72 hours, with a target budget of $36–quite reasonable for something that can be invaluable during an emergency. A lot of it consisted of canned foods and soups. Does anyone have any suggestions for practical foods that would provide good nutrition, yet be cheap, long lasting, and space conserving?
Full text available in this article: http://www.slashfood.com/2005/12/07/making-a-72-hour-kit/

Relief Society promotes 72-hour survival kits

You watch T.V. and even the government is asking us to be prepared; especially after the tornadoes in Oklahoma. And these 72-hour kits can help sustain you. On Tuesday, the group met to go through the essentials that make up a 72-hour survival kit as Sharp dissected the contents of a few bug-out backpacks, which allow preparations to become more mobile if you have to evacuate your home. Contents included basic food and water supplies, three bottles of water, hard candy, granola bars and ready-to-eat meals, including military MREs. Its good to make sure you like whats in your bag, said Sharp. You can customize your bag. Along with emergency ponchos, flash lights, batteries, hand sanitizer, bandages, duct tape, blankets and basic medical supplies.
You’ll get the whole post at: http://www.myplainview.com/news/article_c98ea50e-0a91-11e3-858b-0019bb2963f4.html

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