New Mom Survival Kit

Filled with goodies like lip balm, hair ties, and chocolate (of course), this gift has everything she might have forgotten to pack in her hospital bag before the big arrival. Wrapped up in a cute tote, these essentials are just what she needs to welcome baby in comfort and style. Tote bag and makeup case: When putting together a survival kit, having a cute bag to hold everything is just as important as what fills it. To make it fitting for the big day and beyond, we chose this adorable bird tote ($42) that can later be used as a carryall or diaper bag, plus a matching makeup case ($20). Hair essentials: For hospital hair like Kate Middleton and to prevent locks from being a bother during delivery, a hairbrush ($10), headband ($14), and hair ties ($3) are key. Fuss-free makeup: Yes, makeup will be the last thing on mama’s mind, but in the case of dry skin, include tinted moisturizer ($43). And since she won’t be allowed to drink anything during labor, tinted lip balm ($7) will rescue chapped lips! Snacks: Plain and simple, hospital food sucks. For a quick pick-me-up, include yummy snacks like peanut butter M&M’s and Luna Bars . Quick touch-ups: Once baby is born, there are sure to be tons of visitors and photos.
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Put Together a Winter Car Emergency Kit

Put Together a Winter Car Emergency Kit

The company believes that emergency situations may come during anyone’s lifetime, so it is better to be prepared for this event, than to regret it later. Therefore, the company offers emergency supply for earthquakes , other natural disasters and terrorism attacks. The company offers many of its customers emergency products such as Trauma Kits which can easily supply 1000 people in need of emergency services; a two-week essential survival and premium food kit which can serve 1 person for up to 2 weeks in a time of emergency; deluxe office emergency kits which will supply up to 20 people and are very useful when an emergency situation occurs. These kits are exactly what a company needs during an emergency such as a hurricane, tornado or other disaster. Customers may design their order to their own requirements and be better prepared to save their life and the lives of their family members. An emergency situation may occur at any time without warning. Advance preparation is necessary to survive a disaster. To minimize the effect, Emergency Supply Solutions can provide its customers with the best emergency supplies available on the market. The company offers free shipping of their products to the customers and also offers discounts if the customers have a Promo Code. The company has various options available for customers to pay for their supplies, for example: credit cards, debit cards, and Discover cards as well as many others.
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Zombies will hate this Apocalypse Survival Kit

Diddy . Dealing with the Little Things Our list up to this point has leaned towards the extreme side of things like preparing to make sure you don’t freeze to death on the side of the road, a rather important thing to be prepared to ward off. On the less-fatal side of things, and certainly the more common, you’ll be dealing with things like getting stuck but having assistance nearby. Here, having things on hand like a bag of sand in your trunk for additional traction and a tow rope or chain if you’ve got a good Samaritan at hand but the tow truck is no where to be found are extremely helpful. In addition to a bag of sand, a shovel is always handy. Look for a sturdy one sized for a child, it’ll fit in the trunk better and still have a fairly wide surface area compared to a tiny emergency shovel. Photo by Kennymatic . Think of something we didn’t include in our list? Have a story or two about being stuck in the snows of the great white north?
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Best Roadside Emergency Kit for Families Added to

Zombies will hate this Apocalypse Survival Kit Gerber Legendary Blades is set to release limited-edition weapons as seen on AMC’s hit series, ‘The Walking Dead.’ Tue, Nov 22 2011 at 10:01 AM Related Topics: TV Shows , Zombies Photo: Gerber Legendary Blades While the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would have you ready for the zombie apocalypse with plenty of food, water and first aid, Gerber Legendary Blades would also like to see you armed. Thetactical and outdoor gear company is set to release 200 limited-edition Apocalypse Survival Kits to match the one seen during this season of AMC’s zombie drama, “The Walking Dead.” The buzz surrounding ‘The Walking Dead’ this season, as well as Gerbers involvement with the show,has been tremendous, said Corey Maynard, vice president of marketing for Gerber. The ApocalypseSurvival Kit represents a tangible way to keep the momentum going, and frankly our consumers havebeen asking where they could find the kit so we felt it was our duty to make them available. Included in the pack are seven tools that originally appeared during the second season premiere: theGator Machete, Camp Axe II,Bear Grylls Survival Series Parang, Gator Machete Pro, LMF II Infantry knife, DMF folding knife andthe Epic fixed blade knife. Just so you’re up to speed on how you’ll be using these weapons, the company is also throwing in the first season of “The Walking Dead” for your viewing pleasure. “Brilliant assembly and brilliant marketing,” wrote one commenter on their site. “You’ll sell through the 200 kits in no time. Only thing I’d add is an adjustable strap so that you can carry it slung over your back as you crawl over the remains of those who did not invest in a kit of their own.” If Gerber’s offering only whets your appetite for more zombie survival gear, be sure to check out this extremely comprehensive listing on Amazon for nearly everything you need to defeat the undead. Some standout items include a nail gun, chainsaw, warrior boots, night-vision goggles, and (naturally) a “Michael Jackson Thriller Costume.”
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Emergency Supply Solutions Offers Emergency Kits and Go Bags at Affordable Prices

And that’s only if society doesn’t panic and loot. It was this knowledge; the knowledge that we’ve only got a few days worth of supplies on hand and looking at the very real possibility of some sort of disaster happening at some point in my life that made me decide to go into business for myself. Survival Mode exists so that others can find items that they would find handy during such a disaster or emergency and also to hopefully make others aware that there is the potential for this need. No amount of food or emergency supplies on hand will keep any of us from suffering during those times, but it can certainly lessen the effects and help us get through them with a little more grace. And perhaps, with the ability to not only help ourselves and our family but also our neighbors.
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Your family’s emergency kit is probably a disaster

“The fact that most people will admit they don’t have a plan or that they can just wing it, which is exactly what we talk about in these ads, is (how) you get people to pay attention and act and say it’s time.” The PSAs are timed to release right before the 10th annual National Preparedness Month in September, an initiative managed and sponsored by FEMA to encourage Americans to prepare for emergencies in their homes, schools, businesses and places of worship. New Jersey homes being raised post-Sandy “What we try to get people to understand is that number one, not all disasters come with warning labels,” said Darryl Madden, director of FEMA’s Ready campaign . Coney Island then and now “What we also try to make people understand is that don’t think of it in terms of the Katrinas or of the Sandys, but think about other events that could happen in your community that present a certain risk that you need to be prepared for.” Emmy win could help Sandy victims The ads, which will run and air in advertising time and space donated by various media outlets, encourage Americans to visit FEMA’s website for kids . The site, with more parent- and kid-friendly content coming September 1, includes information such as a downloadable family emergency plan and guidance on how to talk to kids about emergencies in an age-appropriate fashion. DiFebo said that her agency’s strategy was to create a sense of urgency without going overboard. “What you don’t want to do is be so alarmist that people don’t want to pay attention to the message or they say this is just too scary for me and it’s too scary for my kids so I’m not going there,” she said. “That’s really the biggest mistake you can make.” While my mother-in-law and I had never talked about what we’d do in the event of an emergency and my family still does not have a disaster plan, the subject of emergency preparedness is very close to our hearts. Stay in touch! Don’t miss out on the conversation we’re having at CNN Living.
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Emergency Kits

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Free give-away of emergency kits in Natomas on Saturday

Discount pricing and shipment incentives are included with these reviews to allow families to save money during the purchase process of an emergency kit online. “Emergencies are frightening when they happen near or away from home,” said a kit reviewer for the Auto Pros USA website. According to the published review, most emergencies happen after business hours have ended making it more difficult for stranded motorists to receive immediate assistance. A portion of the information included in each review is based upon national estimates that reveal statistics for accidents and other vehicle emergencies. Many of the essentials that are useful for a person involved in a roadside issue were found in the top kits sold by some retailers online. This information is now presented direct to families.
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