The 7 Financial Papers To Stash In Your Hurricane Survival Kit

Contact information for your employer If you are not going to be able return to work due to an emergency, you will need to contact your employer, says the National Endowment for Financial Education . As such, you may want to supply someone outside your home with your employer’s contact information so they can get in touch with them when you cannot. It may also be a good idea to review the information on the Department of Labor’s website regarding the Family Medical and Leave Act so you know what to do if you anticipate being out of work for a prolonged period of time, NEFE says. Information on your investment accounts Make sure to also include copies of financial documents verifying your existing investment accounts, de Baca says. This may include any mutual funds, IRAs, bonds or stocks that are in your name. It should also include information on any employer-sponsored 401(k), 529 plans or additional retirement accounts. Additionally, you may want to include the name and contact information for any financial adviser who is overseeing the accounts. [Related Article: 12 Tips for Protecting Your Identity ] Your will You will want to make sure your money survival kit includes either a copy of your last will and testament or directions on how to obtain your last will and testament so that your family can execute your final wishes in a worst-case scenario. For instance, in lieu of the document itself, you may simply wish to store the name of the attorney who should be contacted following your death. At the very least, be sure to indicate who in your family has been granted power of attorney. “This should be for property and health care to make sure the appropriate people have the legal authority to make decisions for you,” says Chad Carlson, a certified financial adviser with the firm Balasa Dinverno Foltz .
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Hurricane Preparations: A Personal Survival Kit

If I had to guess, I’d venture that the pack is actually manufactured by another company that does such “for a living” and Mossberg OEMs it. No matter the actual originating manufacturer, it seems well-constructed and thoughtfully designed. It has four consecutively-smaller main compartments along with six smaller pockets and a hydration system pouch. If all of that isn’t enough, the sides and face are covered with MOLLE webbing so you can add pouches to customize it as you see fit / necessary. The main compartment measures 20″x14″x7″. Doing the math that would be almost 2,000 cubic inches of storage space just in the main compartment. Add on the other smaller pockets and I’d venture the guess that you’re looking at over 2,400 cubic inches total (plus whatever you add on in MOLLE pouches) The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded. The seams are double stitched. The three consecutively smaller compartments each have various zippered netting pockets for organizing and locating your kit. All in all this pack seems particularly well suited for this use: an emergency survival pack. The Contents: Shelter & Warmth: The Sentinel contains two emergency blankets from Adeventure Medical Kits (AMK). It also contains two emergency bivvy sacks from AMK.
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Hurricane survival kit list for families

Watermelon Diet

All you need is boiling water. Pollard will even sell you the propane grills or Sterno stoves to boil the water on and collapsible containers to keep water in. Getting the water, in the aftermath of a hurricane, could be a problem, but not if you have one of the kits marketed by Cutaia`s National Sales Marketing firm. The basic kit has a half-dozen 4.2-ounce packets of emergency drinking water along with an emergency blanket and food rations. The $329.95 Family Support Unit, for as many as five people for three days, contains medical supplies, a flashlight, radio, food rations, knife, whistle, emergency manual and several other items. The $475 Group Support Unit is similar, but tailored for 10 people for three days. While many of the items contained in the packets can be bought separately at local hardware and grocery stores, Cutaia says the kits make the shopping easier. Also, she said, it makes finding the items easier. “There`s just a million things you can`t prepare for,“ she said.
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Hurricane Survival Kits Surge

The great outdoors, or even a city park, heal the mind and soul. 4. Have some cash on hand. You might need to fall back on some hard cash in emergencies. So be sure to have the currency you earned ready to use. Cash is a metaphor for healthy coping skills, behavioral skills, and all the interpersonal skills youve gained in therapy and in life. Spend them when you need them. Best of all, unlike money, the more you use your mental cash, the more it multiplies and the more you have! 5.
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ASAP Hurricane Survival Kit

With the exception of a full tank of gas, each of these items should be already found around the house. Its important to gather them into one, accessible location before the hurricane hits. Each family member should know where the hurricane survival kit is located and be able to open it. Fresh water, one gallon, per person, for at least three days Personal items like diapers and medicines Food and snacks, like bread, peanut butter, crackers, granola bars, dry cereal, and fresh fruits and vegetables Paper plates, utensils, napkins, and/or paper towels Hand sanitizer
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