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Here’s what you need to know to prepare yourself and your family for a major earthquake: Emergency Preparedness Plan (from Vancouver’s Fire and Rescue Services): Stock up on at least a three-day supply of water, food and medical supplies for all. Exit plan: Decide where and when to reunite your family after an emergency Phone a friend: Choose a person at least 300 kilometres away from where you live to contact if your family becomes separated. Long distance phone service is often restored faster than local lines Be prepared: Practice emergency exit plans with your family every six months. Know the safest place in each room because it will be difficult to move from room to room Locate shutoff valves for electricity, water and gas. Know how to use them Make copies of vital records and keep them in another city/province Take photos and/or videos of your valuables for insurance purposes Keep an extra set of glasses and car keys on hand Keep extra cash and change.
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Earthquake Survival Kits in High Demand Following Japanese Disaster

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Experts say Oregon could face even worse damage when a powerful quake strikes the Northwest, as they predict it’s bound to do.The Associated Press Shelly Meyer knows what supplies she should have on hand when Oregon’s big earthquake — supposedly long overdue — finally hits. But she’s stumped when it comes to figuring out where she should store these potentially life-saving items so she can make sure she’ll be able to get at them. “I want to take the appropriate steps,” she said, “but sometimes I get stopped when I think ‘Where am I going to put this stuff?'” Meyer, of Lake Oswego, knows the gallons of water and canned food she’s purchased won’t do her much good if, after the quake, the place she stored them is inaccessible. The concern stems from regular warnings from various state agencies that Oregon is overdue for a major earthquake, possibly one with a magnitude of 8.0 or larger. “I think it’s good to be prepared,” Meyer said, “and just having that extra piece of knowing where the best places are, from a structural standpoint, that’s a helpful piece of the puzzle.” One of the best solutions, according to officials with the Oregon Office of Emergency Management, is to keep supplies in a number of areas. They recommend keeping a disaster supply kit in the car and then both a “go-kit” and a seven-day supply of necessities at home. Emergency space for rent Major earthquakes usually produce major tsunamis and those who live in a tsunami inundation zone have to think outside their homes for storing emergency supplies. The city of Cannon Beach, for example, has set up a system under which people can rent space inside storage units so they won’t have to carry their items uphill in the event of a tsunami. It’s a dollar per gallon of storage space, said Mark See, public works director for Cannon Beach. One storage location is already open and the city hopes to unveil two more sites this year.
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Earthquake preparedness: Where to store your emergency supplies

After something like this, everyone realizes they need to have reasonable precautions in place. At Earth Shakes, a survival kit store in Burlingame, Calif., owner Suzanne Tateosian said her business is up 5,000 percent since the earthquake. We have seen a huge increase, she said. We are used to that when a disaster hits. The demand has been so intense that some businesses are already letting customers know that delivery of a kit could take a week longer than scheduled. We can hardly keep up, Tateosian said. We were very fortunate, though, to be well-supplied, so we have been able to service everyone in our stores and take care of our Internet orders. The basics in an earthquake survival kit include food, water, first aid supplies, radio, shelter and blanket. Other items may include a hygiene pack, utility knives, gloves, waterproof matches, a siren and a body warmer. Tateosian advised entrepreneurs to take steps to ensure the future of their own business should it be caught in a disaster. Those steps include designating an alternative site for operations in case the current business site becomes inaccessible, making sure computer data is properly backed up , and storing all important documents in a fireproof safe. You need to have a backup plan if business is interrupted, Tateosian said. How will you get your business back up and running? Tateosian said kits and plans like these are important even for those outside earthquake danger zones.
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Smart Survival Kits Announces Launch of Disaster Preparedness Online Store for Everyday People

This increase is steepest in North America, where hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, scorching heat, and droughts have battered many communities. The study sees climate change as a major contributor to this phenomenon and predicts those influences will continue in years to come. “I never imagined I’d own a survival kit, but with all those natural disasters taking place recently I finally decided to get one just in case,” said Laura Connors, a mother of two who recently bought a survival kit for her home. Ms. Connors isn’t alone. Sales of disaster survival kits and emergency preparedness supplies are on the rise, with some retailers experiencing sales increases of more than 50% in the past year. This shift to the mainstream has inspired entrepreneurs such as Diego Norris to open emergency preparedness businesses that are targeted to everyday people a new for the industry. Mr. Norris, founder and general manager of Smart Survival Kits , an e-commerce company that sells survival kits and supplies, is on a mission to take the fear out of emergency preparedness and make shopping for a survival kit easier and less intimidating. “I decided to open Smart Survival Kits because I felt that there was a need for a legitimate emergency preparedness website that didn’t resort to fear mongering or similar scare tactics” said Mr. Norris.
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