Bug-out Bag For Dogs: Are Both You And Your Dog Ready?

Bug Out Bag Missing Items

And remember the looting and riots? What would you do if you were one of those law-abiding citizens and you had no protection? Get the proper training with your gun, and observe the NRAs safety rules: ALWAYS keep your gun pointed in a safe direction (dont cover something with your muzzle if youre not looking to destroy it), ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until youre ready to shoot (a recent Bloomberg commercial supporting Obamas gun control laws showed a highly stereotyped country man speakingwith his finger on the trigger the whole time), and keep your gun unloaded if youre not using it. Note: The Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act of 2006 was enacted because of Police Chief Compass actions following Hurricane Katrina. Its supposed to stop legally-obtained guns from being taken away after a disaster. Although it plugs one hole in the dam, so to speak, it has nothing to with martial law being declared or a loophole being found. Your own pack is, in large part, personal preference. The military uses external frames because when youre dealing with a significantly heavy load, they handle it better. An internal frame will hug your body more which is nice for maintaining your balance in difficult terrain. External give you a frame to tie onto as well as allowing air to touch your back, while internal means a sweaty back and if they tear, you have a problem. You need to try on multiple packs, keeping in mind the weight carried with a BOB is going to be a lot. Thats why you buy the lightest gear possible while still making sure it fits your needs.
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Ammunition and Bug-Out-Bags – Frank Talk About Guns

Bug Out Bag

Unless, of course, they perfect their list and pack their bags well before a disaster happens. In that case, people can equip themselves with the best survival, recovery, and identification items possible while maximizing limited space with the most important things. Get Out Of Dodge is Absolute Rights latest Special Report, and it was created to help anyone reach total disaster preparedness. It includes the particular measures involved with a variety of disasters, both natural and man-made. Whether its a hurricane force wind or a wild mob of rioters, a household front door can only hold so much, the article said. Government agencies can frequently take three days to assign jurisdiction, organize support crews and deliver supplies to a disaster-affected area, said the article. Its left up to each and every person to take responsibility for their own survival and provide the highest chances of getting out alive for their families and loved ones. Government support systems and nongovernmental organizations arent going to provide the most immediate and appropriate disaster aid. The article said its up to individuals and their communities to develop customized and relevant emergency preparedness planning . Get Out Of Dodge gives instructions on doing that, and includes extensive bug out bag information. The items suggested by the Special Report range from basic household necessities to things no one would ever think of.
This data is reported by: http://www.virtual-strategy.com/2012/04/25/“bug-out-bag-packing-list-greatest-chance-survival”-says-absoluterightscom

Pesticide ban after river disaster: Two teaspoons of poison wiped out all bug life in ten-mile stretch

The pesticide entered the Kennet, pictured, at Marlborough in Wiltshire via a sewage pumping station and affected the river as far downstream as Hungerford in Berkshire

Now Environment Minister Richard Benyon has ordered his staff at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to investigate how the pesticide, chlorpyrifos, can be banned from general domestic use. Florida is running out of SAND: Officials squabble over dwindling supply in fight to re-fill their tourist beaches Mr Benyon, who owns a country estate flanking the Kennet further downstream near Reading, said he was alarmed to find how easy it was to buy the pesticide online. I have asked Defra to find out why this chemical is so readily available and to suggest what restrictions we should be imposing, he said. Im firmly on the side of those who want to make sure this never happens again. Something as toxic as this should only be available to people with the qualifications to use it safely.
Reference for this content: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2402491/Pesticide-ban-river-Kennet-disaster-2-teaspoons-poison-wiped-bug-life-10-mile-stretch.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490

Survivalist Victory Garden Features the Powerful Life-Saving Bug out Bag Guide

So for all of those reasons and a few more a tent is a must have in your bug out bag. The next important item I see missing in a lot bug out bags is a good sleeping bag. Most of the states in the US have drops in temps in the winter time, some states not too bad but other states it can get downright cold out. And if you are bugging out to the mountains it can get cold out at night in the summer time. So for this reason you need a good sleeping bag thats going to keep you good and warm on those cold nights.
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Mystery illness impacting dogs in Ohio

Full lines of all the good stuff from the best-known makers. This is a major jump into the market for us, and were determined to make Brownells a great place for you to shop for ammo . You asked and we listened. See it all at brownells.com Service, Selection and Satisfaction, is what you can always expect from Brownells at all times. For ammo, we have Winchester, Hornady, Remington, Federal, CCI and a whole lot more brands in all kinds of calibers 2,200 different items to be exact at this writing and that offering is growing daily. You can expect the same down-home help you have always received from Brownells with a human being you can trust at the other end of the phone. And, ordering on the web is amazingly easy. Plus, we offer you something no other supplier in the industry offers.
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“Bug Out Bag Packing List for the Greatest Chance of Survival,” Says AbsoluteRights.com

Tim B shares his experience reading The Bug Out Bag List: “I loved this book; it is well written, and packed with great information. I’ve read several ‘bug out’ books, and this one is the best. It contains great pictures, and is easy to read with lists and acronyms to make things easy to remember. Highly recommended.” Available for download at Amazon.com, the ” Bug Out Bag List” eBook lays out the strategic skill for selecting and preparing a bug out bag, and getting the most out of it. The survival guide also points out the 12 places to find water, the easiest water purification method, and the five dependable food sources for the bug out bag. First Aid Kit item recommendations are also provided, along with the easy ways to start a fire. The eBook also provides tips for survivalists to bug out with their pets. To find out more about the must-have “Bug Out Bag List eBook” for people who value safety and preparedness when disaster strikes, please visit http://www.survivalistvictorygarden.com/ for information.
To locate the original version which includes all supplementary images or video clip, drop by: http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/survivalist-victory-garden-features-the-powerful-life-saving-bug-out-bag-guide-275688.htm


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I keep lint (for tinder), matches and a lighter in a plastic bag to ensure they stay dry. I also have a firesteel attached to my knife to give me access to fire whenever I need it. Inside a first aid kit, I keep bandages, medication, scissors, and other miscellaneous items that may prove useful in a survival situation. Shelter Instead of packing a tent, which is both heavy and large, I pack a medium sized tarp and emergency bivvy. This combination will keep me sheltered from the elements and provide warmth while taking only a fraction of the space that even a small tent would. A good pair of boots is an important piece of survival gear. I keep my Meindl Ultra-Lights waterproofed and polished up for any apocalyptic events that may occur. To keep warm and dry, I pack an insulated down jacket and a waterproof jacket. A good base layer will keep you warm during cold nights and a wool blanket will do so even when its wet. Water Without water a person will die in 3 days. To carry this precious resource, I pack a Nalgene bottle and a collapsable Platypus bottle that car- ries 2 liters of liquid. Water that has been collected from a river or lake needs to be purified before drinking.
Obtain the complete content here – http://www.uvureview.com/2013/02/25/bug-out-bag/

John Lloyd is perfecting the art of the bug out bag

I know that you don’t plan for bad things to happen, but you want to be prepared. Nobody thinks there’s going to be a fire tomorrow, but you’ve got those sprinkler heads installed on the ceiling for a reason. I was a Boy Scout when I was a kid, so I’ve always wanted to be prepared for anything that could happen. I’m open with it, and I don’t mind if people know about it. People ask me if I have a hobby, and I say that one of them is prepping. I also like to go kayaking, fishing, camping, things like that. If I were to be thrown into the woods in a survival situation, I would be fine. … And I know that if something goes down, you’re going to want to get away from people. I’m really into reading history, and I know that you’re doomed to repeat if you don’t pay attention. Every civilization that has ever existed has come to a climax and fell.
Full content material available on this website: http://clatl.com/atlanta/john-lloyd-is-perfecting-the-art-of-the-bug-out-bag/Content?oid=7077376

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