Survival Gear: U.s. Spec Medium Transport Pack

Gear Review: Elite Survival Systems Crossroads Discreet Escape Bag (VIDEO)


Relief agencies recommend that homeowners keep three days’ worth of food and water as well as a kit of medical supplies and other essentials in the house at all times. However, Popular Mechanics recommends that our readers go a step further. Outlined below are three disaster kits–one for your home, one for your car and one in a backpack for quick evacuations. That way, when disaster strikes and there’s no time to think, you won’t have to.
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107 Pieces of Survival Gear for Your Car, Home and To-Go Bag

OK, maybe I am exaggerating a little, but you get the point. In a quest to save myself from myself, and to help others down the minimalist path, I began researching smaller bags and backpacks that would do the trick. I think I have a winner, and you wont believe the price tag! U.S. Spec Medium Transport Pack, available through Sportsmans Guide represents a great balance between low cost, good quality, and smaller size. With a ridiculous MSRP of $30, decent stitching and design, and a 1,150 cubic inch capacity with abundant modular webbing attachment points, this could be your favorite new BOB. With abundant positive customer reviews, an overall favorable appearance, and the bargain price, I pulled the trigger on one of these rugged little gems, and Im really glad I did.
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Family Survival Course – Survival Skills, Survival Kit & Survival Gear for Survival

Save Romford, England — ( SBWIRE ) — 07/04/2013 — The course was created to help people learn valuable survival skills , survival kit and survival gear they need and that will be vital in the case of the current global economic crisis and natural disasters like tornadoes, war and famine which many people are currently experiencing across the world. Jason Richardss course teaches readers not just how to survive, but to equally thrive in the midst of a crisis or natural disaster. He believes this guide is one of the most complete and affordable survival course available in the marketplace. The course not only teaches survival skills amidst natural disasters, but also at a time of economic collapse or anarchy. The course discusses the 16 items people need to have on them during an evacuation. Furthermore states that individuals caught up in a natural disaster or crisis just have to bring a medium-sized backpack with items that will get them covered for 2 weeks or 14 days. It also discusses the ways in which people can be resourceful in times of tough economic conditions by making use of things at home for survival. The course shows you in a step by step manner how to make your own clean water and how to prevent wastage of water. It goes on to further inform you how to conserve different forms of energy. Family Survival Course is offered at only 27 US dollars with a 60-day money back guarantee in the event that you are dissatisfied with the eBook. Click Here To Read The Full Family Survival Course Review About is a leading eBook and services; price comparison, product review and price finder site to compare prices to find the best deals and to compare a variety of products from the top providers in the marketplace. Founded in 2013 and based in the Greater London area in the UK.
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Jim Hillibish: Now more than ever, we need survivalist gear

Obama and Congress are still playing Ping Pong with our money. Anybody in a plaid shirt is landing on TV talk shows and claiming our power, banking and food supplies will fail in nine months, after the IRS confiscates all of our retirement funds. Most of the crisis stories never ask for a second opinion, such as from the power, banking and food companies, and the IRS. That would spoil a good panic. I spent 12 minutes on my PC, which still is working, and discovered 17.3 million products under the Google survivalist tag. You never really know, do you. Vegetable Seeds for Survival: When the food supply stops, theres a second chance. 10 packs (of last years 89-centseeds) for $69.95. Government surplus inhalator: Perfect for your home MASH unit (dont hold your breath) at $35. Survival Thermal Blanket: It Fits in Your Wallet. Sounds like those 1970s $3 NASA plastic space sheets. $49.95. Clover Honey: A perfect survivalist barter item when money is worthless. One pound for $19.99, cash only. Safety (stuffed) Bears: Theres Crash, Black Out and Stash.
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Elite Survival Systems (ESS) makes a different kind of survival gear. ESS makes gear thats meant to be used and used to survive. From holsters and knives, to emergency rations, ESS focuses on SHTF gear that has useful daily applications. The Crossroads Discreet Escape Bag The Crossroads bag is constructed from 1,000 denier nylon. The YKK zippers are over-sized, and rugged. The bag has a padded strap and solid handles that make carrying a heavy load a bit less cumbersome. The main compartment is about twelve inches wide and three inches wide. It stands ten inches tall. It is available in black and in coyote tan. The straps are two inches wide. hook-and-loop closures on the back allow the bag to be attached to a belt or a larger bag. And the best part, from my perspective, is that the bags are made in the U.S. This is a well named bag. The Crossroads part is open to interpretation. I see blues legend Robert Johnson selling his soul to the Devil. But the Crossroads image also evokes that moment when you have to make a decision about which way to go, which is where the Escape part comes in. The Crossroads bag could be very useful for escape, depending on what you put in it. The Discreet part is why were talking about it. The Crossroads bag has space inside the front pocket for six AR magazines. They are held in place securely, and the compartment zips shut. On the back of the bag, a padded compartment opens to accept a pistol holster.
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