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Bug Out Bag

But it’s not hard to imagine in a disastrous scenario that something might happen your primary shelter might get burned or — — damaged or stolen it. A good back up is a nice quality. Emergency. Which can be if you can get here behind the table. They can be set up and strung up in a variety of different shelter configurations. I had — so it’s an excellent back up — tile super lightweight.
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Survivalist Victory Garden Features the Powerful Life-Saving Bug out Bag Guide

However you want to say it, it’s basically a bag of everything you could possibly need for the next 3 or so days. Such as: Food (dehydrated food and lots of protein bars are good choices), water (or better yet, water purification tablets), small first aid kit, matches (or even better, flint & stainless steel), space blanket(s), guns & ammo (or a melee weapon if that’s your cup of tea), a great pair of gloves, map, knife, and 550 cord. Those are some basic items in a survival kit. Keep in mind that, depending on the person, objective of the bug out bag and the area, each survival kit will vary. You may attach a jacket an extra pair of clothes to the outside of your bag, but keep the inside free of bulky items such as that. The Bug Out Bag’s purpose is to get you through the next few days while you assess the situation and come up with a plan for future survival. So, when the apocalypse hits, all you’ll need to do is grab the bag and run! Or drive or ride or however you plan on escaping. It’s a good idea to have multiple Bug Out Bags . One in the car, in your home, and possibly at your place of work. Be aware, though, if you decide to take one to work, you most likely won’t be able to carry a weapon in it since I’m sure most establishments wouldn’t care for that.
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Sign in to YouTube Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to dislike GQPREPPER’s video. Add to Sign in to YouTube Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add GQPREPPER’s video to your playlist. There have been a few things to change over the past year, but not much. Mainly the water system has changed from bladder to container system. This bag remains in my car at all times unless there is an emergency at my home. Want to know where to get the colored zipper bags? Click here –… Category
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What the Heck is a Bug Out Bag?

Medications: Prescriptions and schedules. Maps: A map of where you live and where you’re headed will keep you on the right track. You can’t rely on GPS from your phone if the battery is dead. Radio: A solar/hand-cranked radio will help you stay abreast of developments and emergency announcements. Phone chargers Cash: Extra cash in small bills, including coins for pay phones. Personal hygiene items.
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Bug-out bag: What to pack for a disaster

Sign in to YouTube Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to dislike PrepperMark’s video. Add to Sign in to YouTube Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add PrepperMark’s video to your playlist. The first item is a tent, a tent to me is a is shelter and in a survival scenario you need shelter. A place to get out of the wind on a cold and windy day so you can stay just a little bit warmer, a place to get out of the rain and stay dry on a rainy day, a place to get a good night sleep and not have to fight off mosquitoes and other insects all night long. So for all of those reasons and a few more a tent is a must have in your bug out bag. The next important item I see missing in a lot bug out bags is a good sleeping bag. Most of the states in the US have drops in temps in the winter time, some states not too bad but other states it can get downright cold out. And if you are bugging out to the mountains it can get cold out at night in the summer time. So for this reason you need a good sleeping bag thats going to keep you good and warm on those cold nights. A tent and sleeping bag adds a little more weight and takes up a little more room in your B.O.B but its well worth it. So please make sure you add these items as soon as possible and if you ever have to bug out you will be thankful you did. Category
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Bug Out Bag 2.0

Makes getting to the very specific ammo you want extremely fast. In stock, great pricing, great selection, GREAT service. Give us a shout or a look us up on when you need ammo. Bug-Out-Bag Last month I included a couple of articles on preparing a grab-it bag or a Bug-Out-Bag. I got some really useful additions to the list from some of our readers, and I wanted you to know about them, too. From Benn Scherzer: Comments from the Hurricane Zone in Eastern FL A chest freezer holds cold better than an upright. An upright will lose its cold air (which is replaced with ambient, hot and muggy air) when you open the door to chuck in some dry ice you will feel it cascade out the bottom on your feet. Watch for sales on the larger group size picnic/camping coolers on sale. Fill with ice if time allows and transfer 1 to 1.5 days cooling-required food to it so you can leave the fridge & freezer door closed. If you have time, set up a second cooler for day 1.5 to 3. Add dry ice (wrapped in paper or on a piece of Styrofoam to avoid freezer burn) if possible to the freezer and ice chests. The main power disconnect is necessary to prevent Flicker & Flash from applying power to your area and destroying your generator and house electronics.
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Hurricane Isaac reminds Americans to stay prepared with a ‘Bug Out Bag’ (BOB)

It might even be overkill, given that Isaac is barely a category 1 hurricane and will only have top winds of around 90 mph according to meteorological estimates. Isaac may turn out to be the “big dud” hurricane of 2012. Nevertheless, one lesson from Katrina in 2005 is that government is incompetent and can’t save you from natural disasters. Perhaps that’s why so many citizens are getting prepared on their own, filling up gas tanks and buying up generators, bottled water and other supplies. Profiteering has already kicked in, with some gas stations hiking prices and gouging residents who are fleeing the storm (… ). Hotels in cities along evacuation routes are already filling up, and by all indications outbound automobile traffic will be heavy Monday evening and all day Tuesday. Small hurricanes offer great preparedness practice I don’t expect Isaac to cause anywhere near the damage of Katrina, but the hurricane is at least an opportunity for people to practice preparedness. Do you have a ” Bug Out Bag ” ready? (BOB) Hurricanes have a way of forcing us all to rethink our BOBs. We should all be ready to hit the road in a moment’s notice with a survival selection of: Food Important documents such as passports Personal hygiene items such as soap, toothpaste, etc.
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Bug Out Bag Missing Items

The truth, however, is that now more than ever, disaster preparedness is important. At, visitors will know all about the much needed bug out bag, a portable kit containing the essential items for survival from disasters within 72 hours of evacuating. The eBook “The Bug Out Bag List: Survival Gear You Must Have For Emergency Preparedness” provides comprehensive details on a powerful checklist to make sure the entire family has a locked, loaded and life-saving bug-out bag. Tim B shares his experience reading The Bug Out Bag List: “I loved this book; it is well written, and packed with great information. I’ve read several ‘bug out’ books, and this one is the best. It contains great pictures, and is easy to read with lists and acronyms to make things easy to remember. Highly recommended.” Available for download at, the ” Bug Out Bag List” eBook lays out the strategic skill for selecting and preparing a bug out bag, and getting the most out of it. The survival guide also points out the 12 places to find water, the easiest water purification method, and the five dependable food sources for the bug out bag. First Aid Kit item recommendations are also provided, along with the easy ways to start a fire. The eBook also provides tips for survivalists to bug out with their pets. To find out more about the must-have “Bug Out Bag List eBook” for people who value safety and preparedness when disaster strikes, please visit for information.
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The zombie apocalypse bug out bag

Ontario Canada map photo

If you require special equipment (medical devices, oxygen, wheel chairs), keep a list and the location of operating instructions handy so that rescue workers can find them. Be prepared to defend yourself. Get some pepper spray or even some aerosol hair spray to squirt at an intruder who is trying to loot or otherwise steal your stuff. 2. Take Care of Your Medical Needs Assemble some spare medical supplies in an easy-to-carry, transportable container such as a backpack, shoulder bag, or duffle bag. Include a 7 to 14 days supply of prescription medicines and be sure to include written instructions regarding the dosage, and a list of allergies, if any. Pack up an extra pair of glasses (even if they are old) and hearing aid batteries Label your stuff.
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