You’re A Seal Stranded In Hostile Territory: What’s In Your Survival Kit?

But, being military men, they have to prepare for worst-case scenarios. Thats where Wednesdays solicitation for what they call Personnel Recovery and Survival Kits comes in. The Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG) has a requirement to procure personnel recovery and survival kits (part number 0293-D) on a brand name or equal basis, it says. The brand name is SOLKOA [visit their website here ]. If quoting an equal product, vendor shall provide all salient characteristics in order to be considered for award. (PHOTOS: Navy SEALs in Action ) While Navy folks didnt rush to answer Battlelands questions about how much the kits are expected to cost, and if theyve changed recently, its neat to peek inside to see whats there. But first of all, the SEALs have been known to wreck things.
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Mayan Apocalypse Survival Kit

21, the fabled end of the Mayan calendar, officials are trying their hardest to let Earth inhabitants know Friday will be business as usual . Nope, no fire and brimstone here, folks, get back to the glad tidings. While we certainly trust the scientists familiar with the topic, it’s always good to be overprepared, right? Download these apps immediately, should the year’s biggest Internet joke prove the joke’s on us humans. Flashlight (free) In case J.J. Abrams was on to something with the end of times stemming from a blackout , this will be your most important app. Control the brightness of the LED light and use the built-in compass to traverse the wilderness.
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Survival Kit Videos

Whatever you think of these “preppers,” it’s not a bad idea to prepare for emergencies (without going overboard). Patrick Geryl, who wrote “How to Survive 2012” and has spent $130,000 on survival preparations so far, is in extreme survivalist prep mode. He sent CNN Money the 100 survival items on his list that he plans on purchasing before December 21, 2012, when he believes the apocalypse will come (that’s the date the Mayan calendar allegedly ends). The list isn’t, however, that outlandish. It contains basic survival items you might want to gather for your own kit, good for any emergency, including the zombie apocalypse or more likely natural or man-made disasters. For example, on his list are basics like a wind jacket, aluminum foil emergency blanket, first aid box, and small whistle. More interesting items include a box of condoms to use for carrying water, sacks of vegetable seeds, and “iodine tablets or tincture for protection thyroid at atom calamity.” He includes waterproof matches, but we know you can use water and a jar in a pinch or even a slab of ice .
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Hurricane survival kit list for families

Jackson children

With the exception of a full tank of gas, each of these items should be already found around the house. Its important to gather them into one, accessible location before the hurricane hits. Each family member should know where the hurricane survival kit is located and be able to open it. Fresh water, one gallon, per person, for at least three days Personal items like diapers and medicines Food and snacks, like bread, peanut butter, crackers, granola bars, dry cereal, and fresh fruits and vegetables Paper plates, utensils, napkins, and/or paper towels Hand sanitizer
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What to Put in a Doomsday (or Disaster) Survival Kit

Survival Kit Videos: QtziMk9mBY1 Gun Review Videos: hw1IeGzWQnm Cool Survival Tricks & Tips: 2-o1lBBto2x Who am I? I (JJ Johnson) am a former active duty USAF Wilderness Survival Instructor and the author of http://www.RealitySurvival.Com. I am also an avid outdoorsman, hunter, shooter, and gear reviewer, a prepper, a Christian and a conservative constitutionalist. You can connect with me on the following social media pages if you would like! TWITTER: or @RealitySurvival Get Home Bag Contents by RealitySurvival 4,060 views This video is a quick look at the contents of my Get Home Bag. This is a companion video to the video I recently did called Get Home Bag – Concept which can be seen here: Also be sure to checkout and sub to Blue2208: For more videos on wilderness survival, survival skills, disaster preparedness & prepping tips & bushcraft tips and tricks, as well as shooting videos, self defense tactics and gun, knife & outdoor gear reviews please visit my channel at: Also be sure to visit my blog at: http://www.RealitySurvival.Com/ And if you like what you see please Subscribe by clicking here: urvival Here are a few great playlists you may also enjoy! Survival Kit Videos: QtziMk9mBY1 Gun Review Videos: hw1IeGzWQnm Cool Survival Tricks & Tips: 2-o1lBBto2x Who am I? I (JJ Johnson) am a former active duty USAF Wilderness Survival Instructor and the author of http://www.RealitySurvival.Com.
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