Emergency Planning For Schools: Many Educators Fail To Keep Children Safe In Disaster Situations, Report Shows

24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — A shocking report shows that half of the states don’t require schools and day care centers to have a disaster plan. The report from Save the Children, as quoted in USA TODAY, says that many states also don’t require evacuation plans and don’t have a system for reuniting children with parents after a disaster. “Schools that don’t have an emergency plan are failing their students and putting their lives on the line,” said Ben Burns, Chief Executive of Discount Two-Way Radio which has created a comprehensive ” Emergency School Planning Guide ” so school administrators can communicate with confidence. To get the free guide, go to http://www.discounttwo-wayradio.com/sepg “We’re in the business of saving children’s lives,” he said. “We are experts in creating the right life-saving communications systems for schools and businesses and we take our responsibility seriously,” he said. “Many schools make horrible mistakes when buying communications systems. They are easily misled by companies that sell complicated equipment that is difficult to learn and hard to use when an emergency strikes,” he said. “We’re the Switzerland of communications professionals. We offer radio systems from many leading, name-brand manufacturers, so we can tailor a responsible communications system that matches the needs and the budgets of any university, school district or day-care center.” The comprehensive Emergency Planning Guide will help schools follow a thorough response plan with 50 pages of guidelines, forms and checklists, including: A drill schedule for every emergency, including lockdowns A “phone tree” contact list so that each responder knows who they should report to Forms to assist responders on how to turn off utilities Instructions on how to set up a communication system with two-way radio response and “base” for the orderly dispatch of information Procedures to identify areas requiring patrol, first aid centers, and monitoring Step-by-step instructions to create an evacuation plan including routes, maps, transportation and destination points, and student release This downloadable document is an extremely comprehensive guide that removes the randomness from security planning. Directors are taken through every stage and consideration of emergency response and lock down planning. He advises school districts to get safe and reliable systems that are also easy to learn and to use.
The snippet comes through one of my favored blogs: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/emergency-planning-schools-many-educators-125900447.html

Religion News: ‘Divorce Survival Guide’ goes on tour

Pew Research Center Good Book? The Story of the Old Testament, by David Talley. David Talley believes that following the story of the Old Testament is the key to understanding it. To trace the clear, continuous narrative is to connect the dots and bring the bigger picture into focus. In this book Talley examines the 11 storyline books of the Old Testament and shows where the other 28 books fit into the story. Unpacking the theology of each storyline book, he reflects on the Old Testament’s power for Christians today.
Resource for this material: http://www.wickedlocal.com/lincoln/news/lifestyle/religion/x914325025/Religion-News-Divorce-Survival-Guide-goes-on-tour

Ultimate Survival Skills Guide

Ultimate Survival Skills Guide play a prominent part in this composition. It is with this prominence that we hope people get to know more about Ultimate Survival Skills Guide.

Another team had excavated the site decades before and had left huge craters behind. Over the years people have been injured and livestock and wildlife killed by falling into them. As I stood on the edge of one of these deep pits, I felt anxious, like someone was watching us. It was as if the place were angry we were there. I told the dig team we could study the skeletons when they brought them to the museum in Ulaanbaatar. Then we left.
Get the full details in this article – http://www.nationalgeographic.com/125/risk-taking/survival-guides/lee-grave/

The PTA: a survival guide for foreign parents

Mother-of-four Melody has lived and learned. I no longer expect the PTA to be a ground-breaking force. Their goal is not to make changes, but to fulfill their obligations without making waves and [then] pass the position off to the next years yakuin. Even so, some foreign mothers have successfully challenged the status quo. Tiiu from the U.S. currently serves as a representative for her sixth-graders class. Traditionally, one of the tasks is to produce a message video for the graduation party, but Tiiu knew it would be an enormous burden for the already busy representatives. After talking to the teachers, it was decided to have the parents put on a miniconcert instead, she said. Ive realized that if you speak up, others will open up and change can happen! Certain aspects of the yakuin experience flummox foreign mothers. Australian mom Tamsin said she is constantly amazed at how women who stared at the floor, hoping their name wouldnt be drawn, suddenly metamorphose into gung-ho yakuin. Almost nobody wants the job, but once their number comes up, Japanese mothers usually get down to business. Many wonder why the role of PTA president is always filled by a man at some schools, while it is invariably the mothers who do the rest of the work.
This gem comes from one of my favored sites: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/community/2013/09/23/issues/the-pta-a-survival-guide-for-foreign-parents/

Survival Guide: Grave Sights

Have one to sell? Sell yours here. Start reading The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Army Survival Skills, Tactics,… on your Kindle in under a minute. Don’t have a Kindle…
Check out the original material on this page: http://www.ign.com/blogs/launesspicktemb/2013/06/22/ultimate-survival-skills-guide

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