New Site Provides Emergency Survival Kits And Supplies To Those Serving In The U.s. Armed Forces

Survival kit: Supplies for weathering a disaster

The container stores safely anywhere inside or outside your office and can be used for emergency sanitation purposes. This kit is available in larger quantities to accommodate 10 people, 20 people, or 100 people. Ultimate Deluxe Pet Survival Kits for 2 Dogs or for 2 Cats: Sets the industry standard for pet preparedness and contains the most effective supplies for emergency preparedness including the emergency food, water, first-aid, sanitation, and shelter supplies to prepare your pets. Includes a 72-hour supply of vacuum sealed cat or dog food with a 5 year shelf life. Packaged in durable containers, they store safely anywhere inside or outside your home and can be used along with the included water purification tablets to purify water for safe consumption. Additionally, is offering those serving No Payments + No Interest if paid in 6 months, meaning that any individual, family, school, company, or military unit that desires an emergency kit can have kits shipped to them for free.
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Homemade survival kits battle the flu

<img src='; width='250px' alt='James Preston of Chewton Mendip, England, is hunkering down as he battles what he calls the worst stage of his “man-flu.” His flu survival kit consists of a variety of home remedies, medicine and snacks, such as apple juice, cough drops and French bread for his soup.’ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

Department of Agriculture] froze all of our accounts due to the shutdown, so we cant order new food. But we do have a supply of everything in case a bridge went out or any other type of disaster happened in the area, Taylor said. Thats what were operating off of now. The Food Distribution program is an alternative to CalFresh, also known as food stamps. The local program provides food directly to around 310 families. When federal funds were frozen, the Tribe stepped in to cover salaries for the employees during the shutdown. Keith Hostler, the director of Food Distribution, said, The Tribe is paying for it all because they want to make sure everyone is fed. So we made a contingency plan to stay open until the 25th. The federal shutdown ended on October 17, when Senate leaders agreed on a plan to extend the U.S. federal budget through the middle of January 2014. Hoopa Tribal Councilmember Shane McCullough said, There would have been programs affected if the shutdown had continued. Furloughs, days off without pay, had been planned for each Friday through the end of October, and there were contingency plans to start shutting down unfunded departments completely if the shutdown had gone into November. Tomorrow was supposed to be our first furlough day, Hoopa Tribal Councilmember Wendy Poppy George said that evening, but now we dont have to do that. Many other tribes werent as fortunate. The Yurok Tribe placed 20 percent (60 out of 300) of their tribal workforce on furlough starting Monday, October 7, and warned that there would be more drastic cuts if the shutdown lasted more than a few weeks longer. Yurok Tribal Chairman Thomas ORourke said at the time, This situation is no joke.
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Hoopa Valley Tribe Uses Emergency Supplies to Weather Federal Shutdown

Rescue & survival equipment & supplies are used for marine industry. IMO, SOHS, USCG & SOLAS compliant. Brand Names: APEX, Achilles, Avon, Caribe, Elliot, Jim Buoy, Mustang, Zodiac Aerial Machine & Tool Corporation – Vesta, VA Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer Contract Sewing & Metal Machining Specializing In Military Safety & Lifesaving Products, Industrial Safety, Sports Safety & Paramilitary Operations. Life Safety Equipment, Parachute Hardware & Accessories, Belts, Harnesses, Restraints & Case Goods Environmental Tectonics Corp. – Southampton, PA Manufacturer Supports military & commercial training in use of survival equipment for aircrew training, tank crews, paratroopers & fire fighters. Comprehensive turnkey training programs. SpyTown – Utopia, NY Distributor, Custom Manufacturer Survival equipment & supplies. Worldwide wholesale stocking distributor of CCTV, security & surveillance equipment & supplies.
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Survival Equipment & Supplies Suppliers

“I’m regretting not getting the flu shot this year,” said Jaspreet Sangha from San Jose, California. She says she is holding strong with her flu survival kit, which is comprised of cough syrup, vapor rub, vitamin C, Starbucks coffee, Asian ginger tea and a variety of medications. Registered nurse Malcolm Chavez from Saskatchewan, Canada, is trying to recover from the flu. He is taking cold and flu medications, cough suppressants, vitamins B and C, and hot lemon drink from his flu survival kit. He also advocates gargling twice a day with lukewarm salt water. Rachel James , a nurse in Bethlehem, Philadelphia, says she not only has the flu, but a terribly painful sore throat as well. Her flu survival kit is made up of variety of medications, disinfectants, water and soups, and she says frozen Slurpees are soothing her throat. Terry Saffold , a college student in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, says he’s battling the flu with water, tea, throat spray and healthy, light food. Eric Madsen of Cliffside Park, New Jersey, is trying his best to not catch the flu. He’s taking preventative measures such as staying hydrated, taking extra vitamins and using disinfectants. Las Vegas junior high teacher Amanda Hanson is out with the flu.
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