Bug-out Bag: What To Pack For A Disaster

The bug-out bag essentials Stewart refers to shelter, fire, water and food as the “Core Four” of a bug-out bag. These are areas your bag must address if you expect to survive. Shelter: You need a tent or tarp to create a shelter. According to Stewart, hypothermia is the leading cause of outdoor-related deaths. Fire: You need matches, lighters, flint and steel to be able to produce fire, which you’ll need to regulate your core body temperature, sanitize water and prepare food. Water: While the Red Cross suggests carrying enough water per person for three days, you can’t really carry enough to survive for an extended time, so you need to the ability to boil and purify water. A steel container to boil and hold water is essential.
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Ammunition and Bug-Out-Bags – Frank Talk About Guns

Bug Out Bag

The calorie content can be much lower than in freeze-dried meals. They also require extra water and a heating source, and either or both of those could be in short supply during a bug out. Dont be skimpy with your meal plan. Running around in the woods can require a lot of energy and you may find yourself blowing through 5,000 calories or more per day. The best foods for that level of exertion are quick-and-easy carbs (starches and sugars) and food high in proteins and fats that provides you with more long-term energy. So what do you really want to have with you?
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Bug-out bag for dogs: are both you and your dog ready?

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You should also have lighters, at least one of which should be wind-resistant and waterproof. Consider carrying some Butane lighter fluid for refills. The cheap lighters from a gas station cannot be refilled. Finally, make sure you have a firesteel and scraper, which have replaced the old flints. The magnesium sparks when you drag the included metal scraper down the side. They last for thousands of uses and burn hotter than a match. Ultimate Survival Technologies has a Sparkie Firestarter that can be operated one-handed and if it gets wet all you have to do is wipe it off and youre good to go. Tinder: No, it isnt possible to cart around a bunch of tinder. You can almost always find something to burn.
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Bug-Out Bags and Cloud Architecture Considerations


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Essential Food to Pack in Your Bug Out Bag

Military for a while, and as part of my training we had to maintain a Bug-Out Bag, which was a large duffle-bag full of certain items that we could live on/fight with in an emergency. Ive carried the spirit of that idea forward with me into civilian life, in Florida and especially here in the Pacific Northwest. In Florida we dealt with the threat of hurricanes – I went through four of those in one year that hit my area. Youre without power, it floods quickly, and it gets wicked hot. You roof might be gone, whatever. Here in the Pacific Northwest, I live near one of the largest volcano’s in the world, we have flooding, and recently we were hit with an ice-storm. Now Ive lived all over the world, from Alaska to North Dakota and even near the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia , and I can handle the snow. But ice – thats a toughie no matter where you live. We had so much that it split my little pine tree in front of the house in half. We lost power – although I think the folks at Puget Sound Energy did an amazing job at getting us back up in less than 24 hours, but we werent worried anyway. That bug-out bag mentality carried forward to a second pantry we keep in the garage. We have a large plastic box (that will fit in the back of the Subaru) with dried goods like pasta, and canned goods and even a little cook stove.
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