New Site Provides Emergency Survival Kits And Supplies To Those Serving In The U.s. Armed Forces

Ultimate Deluxe Pet Survival Kits for 2 Dogs or for 2 Cats: Sets the industry standard for pet preparedness and contains the most effective supplies for emergency preparedness including the emergency food, water, first-aid, sanitation, and shelter supplies to prepare your pets. Includes a 72-hour supply of vacuum sealed cat or dog food with a 5 year shelf life. Packaged in durable containers, they store safely anywhere inside or outside your home and can be used along with the included water purification tablets to purify water for safe consumption. Additionally, is offering those serving No Payments + No Interest if paid in 6 months, meaning that any individual, family, school, company, or military unit that desires an emergency kit can have kits shipped to them for free. They have 6 months to pay for the kit(s) interest free. With their Be Prepared Fundraiser Program, they provide a new, hassle-free way for schools to raise funds while promoting community safety and preparedness. Upon signing up, schools receive fundraiser product flyers, order forms, and prize sheets to distribute to their students. Students fill out order forms, collect checks, and receive an item on the prize sheet. We do all the fulfillment and provide schools with a percentage of all sales generated via check or credit towards emergency supplies of their own. “We would like to ask you to visit our site.
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Plan for an Emergency: Bushfire

If you want to find out if your plane will have a plug, you can check out our guide , or you can just bring along some backup power: A USB backup battery will only charge USB devices, but you have a lot of options . Before you buy one, however, make sure you know what each port on the battery does as each one usually provides a specific amount of power. Some ports can charge tablets and others can’t. In some cases, certain brands of devices won’t charge at all. Most batteries can handle a variety of charging needs but you should always make sure it meets your specific requirements before purchasing. A laptop backup battery will add a bit more weight to your bag but also greater versatility and power options. Windows and Linux laptop users often have removable batteries and can just buy an extra to swap in when the other runs out.
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Create an Air Travel “Emergency” Kit to Survive Common Airplane Woes

Create an Air Travel "Emergency" Kit to Survive Common Airplane Woes

When I say hurricanewhich name comes to mind: Andrew, Katerina, Charley, Isaac?! When I say extreme behavioris there a name that comes to your mind as well? Have you survived both? Congratulations and Keep on Surviving! Are you prepared for the extreme?
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Extreme Behavior Emergency Survival Kit

Boston 2012

When you’re panicked and rummaging through your emergency kit, you could hurt yourself with the weapons. Weapons also breed mistrust and fear. You want to make sure your kit is as lightweight as possible. 5 – Too Much Stuff While you’ll want items such as food, water, blankets, flashlights, and medical supplies in your kit, too much stuff can make your kit unwieldy and difficult to access or carry during an emergency. Prepare for three days’ worth of supplies for everyone in your home.
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5 Items to Leave Out of Your Emergency Survival Kit

Call 000 and seek assistance immediately. During an emergency, only if it is safe to do so, contact your ABC Local Radio station to tell the listeners what you can see . This will help the community with first hand and reliable knowledge about what’s going on. Keep our phone number handy. After a Bushfire Stay listening to your ABC Local Radio station for updates and instructions from emergency agencies If you have evacuated, do not return home until you are advised it is safe to do so. For those who have stayed and defended their homes, continue to wear your protective clothing and patrol your property for embers, hours after the fire front has passed Call your family and friends to let them know you are safe If you’re worried about the location of friends or family, ring the National Registration and Inquiry System on 1300 993 191 rather than contacting local police stations. International enquiries for the NRIS can be made at + 61 7 3055 6220. Property Damage If your home is unsafe to occupy after a fire, notify your local police and check with your insurance company whether you can claim temporary housing expenses or obtain an advance on your eventual settlement. It is the owner’s responsibility to secure a site following a fire.
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